Tile First Installations Puts Customers First


One of the best and easiest ways to update your home’s look and increase its value is by redoing the tiling. Tile First Installations specializes in elegant, functional, and long-lasting tile, stone, quartz, and marble. Tile First’s design and installation techniques are grounded in a 6,000 year old tradition of using mosaic tilework to add color, texture, and artistic touches to their living spaces. Although traditionally tile was limited to the wealthiest, today people with a range of budgets can afford to add this luxurious detail to their homes. The business services entry-level and high end custom homes, and knows how to tailor a project to fit a client’s budget.

Originally in Renton, Tile First has been operating out of Lacey since 2014. The owner, Darren, approaches installation and remodeling as the business’s foundational services. In addition to pledging a timely, clean, and quality installation, Tile First also understands that remodeling projects need to be cost-effective. Darren notes that unlike other contractors, who try to dictate and often override clients’ design and installation preferences, Tile First always honors customers’ vision for their homes.


Give your home its own personality with original tile designs and layouts.

With a showroom now open, you are invited to come on in and examine tile and stone options firsthand. The showroom includes tile, tools, setting materials, grout options, and design ideas. Dedicated to educating customers interested in learning more about choosing and installing their own tile, Tile First also offers classes. In their free ebooks (available online through Tile First) you can learn more about decorating with tile and granite.

If you are not someone who is confident in your DIY abilities, leave it to the pros and receive assistance with your project from any one of Tile First’s installation experts. A trip to the showroom isn’t necessary, but it does give you a full scope of your options in terms of materials available, optimal techniques, and choosing the right person to install your design.

Additionally, Tile First encourages creative tiling approaches and designs in its customers. When presented with new and unorthodox ideas, they embrace the opportunity to help customers realize their vision. For example, one client wanted to incorporate a smaller, winding tile path on top of a larger-tile floor in the bathroom. Tile First obliged with this creative and beautiful design:


Tile First helps clients realize their unique visions for their homes.

In addition to bathrooms, Tile First can also transform your backsplashes, countertops, and floors into works of art. The products they use are water-tight, easy to clean, and durable – a good alternative to hardwood floors. Every one of Tile First’s sales and installation experts know the products and can make strong recommendations for clients who want more direction in terms of choosing the best items for their home. After installation, the techs will also show you how to care for and clean your tile.


Responsible Contractors is pleased to recommend Tile First Installations to consumers looking for a qualified, experienced, and reliable contractor to help them with their tiling remodeling projects. Learn more about Tile First and how to connect with them at: https://www.responsiblecontractors.com/contractors/Tile_First_Installations.html



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