CertaPro Painters – The Most Referred House Painters in the Area!

certapro_paintersCertaPro Painters know that an excellent house paint job is all about the details. Their goal is to provide certainty for customers. To that end, CertaPro creates a working relationship with the client so that you know exactly what to expect about the outcome of your project and have the opportunity to ask questions along the way. CertaPro is “delighted to serve, certain to satisfy” and is proud to be the Most Referred House Painter in Tacoma and surrounding areas.

Gary House designed CertaPro Painters to operate based on a foundation of certainty. With over three decades of leadership experience – including 27 years in the corporate world – Gary has a demonstrated ability to identify clients’ expectations, and then devise original strategies to meet  (and often exceed!) them. His goal is to educate homeowners and commercial property owners about how painting helps them preserve a beautiful home or effective work place. Interior and exterior painting goes beyond fresh color for walls; CertaPro’s additional services are certain to add lasting value and function to your home or office.

What’s the easiest way to protect your investment in your home, enhance your curb appeal, or makeover an interior space? An excellent paint job. CertaPro is proud to offer exterior and interior residential services that go beyond the wall. In addition to painting your home, they also offer detail work including cabinets, crown molding, drywall repair, popcorn ceiling removal, and wallpaper removal. Outside they can provide power washing and deck staining to complement your home’s new paint job.


For commercial properties, CertaPro helps you manage everything from touch-ups to complete facelifts. The team will attend to everything involved in repainting a property. For example in, a condo or apartment complex, CertaPro’s professionals will coordinate with residents directly about painting their units’ doors. They can do whole facility repaints (interior and exterior), along with a little light carpentry where there is wood that needs to be replaced.

In office settings, CertaPro knows you are trying to conduct business even as they do theirs – that means no loud radios or noise while they work. Additionally, they are uniformed, discrete, and stay on schedule. If your business needs refurbishing, CertaPro’s associates are experts in brand adherence, and will ensure that new painting schemes align with your business’ existing colors and designs.

CertaPro is also the most referred painter for the Tacoma area’s medical, educational, and faith based buildings. Here’s why: they understand the important of using paints and coatings with the lowest possible VOCs and odor. Additionally, they work with the facility’s management to determine a work schedule that interferes the least with the daily routine of the building’s occupants. CertaPro stands out among its competitors for providing an experience that is hassle-free, environmentally-responsible, and maintains a clean workplace, and uses materials and practices that adhere to EPA and OSHA standards.

When it comes to picking colors, CertaPro is happy to provide you with guidance. For the exterior, their pros recommend highlighting your home’s most interesting architectural details with a vibrant or contrasting accent color. Consider the entry point to your home as a possible place for color as a sort of “welcome” sign to your guests. Ensure balance and coordination between your new paint scheme and the colors on your house that you will not be repainting, such as shingles or brick. Inside, think about what kind of ambiance you want for a room. You can widen spaces by using light colors or painting the same color in connecting spaces. The walls can be a statement in and of themselves, but if you are more interested in highlighting your furniture or artwork, pick a paint color that serves as a neutral backdrop. CertaPro can help you choose the best paint for “wet rooms” like kitchens and baths that are best for absorbing moisture and easily cleaned.


CertaPro Painters are excellent at what they do for Tacoma and the surrounding area’s residential, commercial, educational, and faith based buildings. The reason they are the region’s most referred painters comes down to their commitment to providing clients with certainty. Customers know, from design to implementation, what to expect in terms of the final result, budget, and schedule.

Responsible Contractors enthusiastically recommends CertaPro Painters for your interior and exterior painting needs. Learn more about this verified, qualified contractor at: https://www.responsiblecontractors.com/contractors/CertaPro-Painters-Tacoma.html.


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