Northwest Natural Lighting Helps People Brighten Up Their Homes


Northwest Natural Lighting is the leading expert in Washington for natural light installations. They have exclusive contracts with the best product distributors in the state, including Solatube and the Mirage Retractable Screen. In addition to lighting, they also offer railing services through their division, NNL Railing. Today, NW Natural Lighting is the first choice for local homeowners and contractors who want energy efficient solutions for brightening up their homes!

Over twenty years ago a contractor, a banker, and a manufacturing engineer combined their talents and skills to start NW Natural Lighting. During a routine kitchen remodel, the team first learned about Solatube, a tubular daylighting device that pipes in sunlight where traditional skylights or windows cannot. TDDs are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and mood-boosting, importing natural light and reducing the need for electricity. Recognizing their value, NWNL contacted Solatube International in California and won the distribution rights to sell the skylights in Washington state. Today consumers can purchase the Solatube from NWNL as a DIY kit or hire the team to install the system. The product is available in a range of decorative fixtures, so you can be certain that it will blend seamlessly with your home’s existing style.


NWNL is also keeping homes bright and cool with its Mirage Retractable Door Screen, first introduced in 1997. The screen lets the fresh air in while keeping bugs out, and gives you a completely unobscured view of the outdoors. The team measures and installs in one trip to make the process as convenient as possible for customers. The screen is customizable to a number of door and window sizes and is available in a variety of colors. Mirage tracks easily and without a hitch, disappearing into a discreet and compact housing unit. You have a screen only when you want it. It has a lock option and is sturdy enough to withstand pressure from pets or children pressing against it.

Similar to how Solatube systems and the Mirage Screen keep your energy costs down, NWNL also offers the Solar Powered Solar State Attic Fan. It is lightweight, leak proof, and whisper quiet, while protecting your attic from heat and moisture. In doing so, the fan saves homeowners money by ventilating the attic and balancing interior and exterior temperatures, so that your air conditioning and heat systems are not working overtime in the summer and winter.

In 2000 NWNL created its Railing division, providing railing systems to residential and commercial clients. Their showroom features samples of customizable rails, specializing in Aluminum Railing Systems. The powder coated aluminum material is peel and flake-resistant, saving you money and preserving the appearance of your space. The NNL Railing professionals are experts in safe and efficient installations, and also offer sun shades, canopies, and trellises. For commercial projects, NNL does custom-built trellises and enclosures.


Prospective customers are invited to visit NWNL’s showroom in Edmonds, WA or set up an in-home appointment. Either way, you can be confident that you are receiving superior service and the best products available for your natural lighting needs.

Responsible Contractors enthusiastically recommends Northwest Natural Lighting and NNL Railing to help you brighten your home! Find their full profile here:


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