The Repair Works – the Premier Electrical Lighting Professionals


Even the savviest home improvement DIY-er knows most electrical projects need to be left to the professionals. The Repair Works is Puget Sound’s premier electrical contractor for commercial, industrial, and utility outdoor lighting projects. The team is expertly trained to install, repair, and maintain complex electrical systems, ensuring the safety of its users.

In 1985 John Fisher founded The Repair Works, and is still the owner and operator today. He built his business on three main pillars. First, the company pledges to deliver efficient and affordable service. The Repair Works owns all of its own lifts, trucks, and vans, so that they are always prepared to respond to a client’s needs in a timely and well-equipped manner. Second, the business is set apart from its competitors with its commitment to professionalism. Electrical work is potentially dangerous and mistakes can be costly. The Repair Works technicians have the expertise and experience to diagnose issues and make the necessary repairs.

In addition to service and professionalism, John’s business is, above all, customer-oriented. He prioritizes building relationships with satisfied clients, many becoming loyal and repeat customers after a positive experience with The Repair Works’ service. The team encourages communication and invites prospective and existing customers to contact them with questions about how to best achieve their project’s objective.

For services, The Repair Works is best known for its work installing, maintaining, and repairing outdoor electrical lighting for commercial and industrial clients. Using their 62 foot boom truck, the team regularly installs and services lighting for streets, parking lots, sports fields, commercial properties, and signs. Some of their clients include schools, government agencies, homeowner associations, and property management companies. The Repair Works has truly made a name for itself by providing troubleshooting and installation services quickly and with little disruption, so that businesses can resume normal activity with a fully operational electrical system.


Beyond basic lighting installs and maintenance, the Repair Works also provides underground fault location. This is a vitally important service informing property owners where underground pipes and cables are located. Techs can identify any malfunctions and complete speedy repairs using a minimally invasive vacuum excavation. This method is ideal for a safe and cost-effective for excavating pipes and cables. It is also non-damaging, so that repairs can be performed without affecting surrounding infrastructure or landscaping.

The Repair Works also performs specialty services including equipment relocation, control systems troubleshooting and repair, power system analysis, surge protection and grounding, warehouse and high ceiling lighting, and asphalt cutting. Additionally, techs are able to install precast concrete pole bases for outdoor lighting units. For projects beyond the scope of The Repair Works’ service menu, the business is partnered with G.G. Electric, Incorporated, a Washington State electrical contractor. Customers can be assured that The Repair Works will find a way to help them address any needs related to their electrical systems’ operations.

Although the business’ clientele is largely comprised of commercial and industrial customers, homeowners can also contact them for assistance with high ceiling lighting repair and installation. These projects typically include complicated wiring and electrical components that are important to outsource to knowledgeable professionals.

Responsible Contractors happily recommends The Repair Works as a team of lighting professionals with a verified reputation for safe and effective work. See their full profile here:

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