Pac West Plumbing Gets It Right The First Time, Every Time




When you have a plumbing emergency, you want a professional who knows what they are doing. Kevin Parker’s family-owned and operated business, Pac West Plumbing, has been serving the Puget Sound and Western Washington areas for over 20 years. With a BBB rating of A+, you can be confident that you have chosen the right plumber for the job when contracting with Pac West Plumbing.

Pac West Plumbing is a residential and commercial installation and replacement service. They offer professional work, quality parts, and reasonable prices. Do you have a leaky faucet or drainage issues? This can be costing you in the form of high water bills and degrading the integrity of your home’s structure.

Using a video camera line, the technician can inspect your home’s pipes and sewer line to identify and troubleshoot any issues. The high-resolution camera is attached to a rod that can accommodate corners in order to get a full-scope view of your house’s plumbing system so that no problem goes unsolved. The inspection will reveal broken, punctured, or corroded pipes, as well as buildup of debris and grease that can cause blockages or backups in the line.

Beyond the traditional plumbing services, Pac West also offers Jacuzzi, whirlpool, and spa installations. Due to safety considerations (a must when you’re navigating the potentially dangerous combination of electricity and water), it is wise to find a qualified and skilled professional rather than try to DIY a Jacuzzi installation. Additionally, you can void any existing warranty if you botch the water hook up. Consequently, it is vital you are working with experienced contractors like Pac West Plumbing to save you time, money, and energy in the long run.

For your kitchen, Pac West services garbage disposals and dishwashers. Frequently, we can unintentionally cause issues for our drains by pouring in liquid grease or oil. Over time the grease hardens and narrows the pipe, resulting in slow drainage or clogs. Pac West also recommends using cold water to run your disposal (as opposed to hot water), and let it run for as long as the motor is. If your disposal is no longer processing food waste effectively, give them a call so they can help you get your sink cleared up quickly.

They also install tankless water heaters. These are a fantastic option for homeowners who want “endless” and instant hot water when used with a recirculation system. This means that a person can be showering while running a load of laundry and turning on the dishwasher, without sacrificing hot water for any one unit. You also save money because you no longer need to run drains until the water heats up.

Pac West Plumbing is the service people call for first response to emergencies, significant installation projects, and to fix the mistakes of  less capable plumbers. Kevin knows how to tackle historic, older plumbing systems, and is also knowledgeable about working with the most modern technologies. Clients comment that Pac West consistently offers the most skilled techs at the best prices.

Responsible Contractors recommends Pac West Plumbing as a verified, qualified, and reliable service. Learn more about what Pac West offers here:

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