7 ideas to upgrade your patio into the ultimate outdoor oasis

Spring is a great time to take a fresh look outside.  Is the paint chipping on your deck?  Is there mold or moss visible? Could your patio use a little aesthetic and entertainment tune-up?  These updates aren’t just for your personal benefit but also protect the condition and value of your property. Below is a list of seven updates you can make to upgrade your outdoor space just in time for warmer weather.

1.  Installing a patio swing brings limitless options to ways you can enjoy your relaxing outdoor living area. This comfortable alternative to the lounge chair makes for a perfect place to enjoy Sunday afternoon naps, a good book, or simply appreciating your beautiful, updated backyard.

patio swing


2.  An elegant undercover system will transform the space under your deck from wet and messy to dry and tidy. The underdeck ceiling can be installed with a vast selection of accessories to make this the ultimate entertaining space for year-round enjoyment, such as: recessed speakers, hanging lights, fans, retractable screens, mounted infrared heaters and televisions.

3.  Outdoor spaces are meant for relaxing with iced tea and a book, or barbecuing with friends. We don’t want it to be another space where we spend more time cleaning and maintaining than enjoying. For an easy-to-maintain deck, consider a low-maintenance solution like composite decking. It’s smooth finish ensures you can spend more time relishing the outdoors and less time working.

4.  String lights are not just for Christmas time and can add a sparkle and glow to any patio. To give you more decorating freedom and save on electrical costs, look for solar-powered options.



5.  Nothing can ruin an enjoyable dusk on the patio more than pesky mosquitoes. Repel mosquitoes and stay bite free with container plants that will defend your patio. Try rosemary, horsemint, citronella, and basil to keep those annoying bugs away.

6.  Sometimes we want to enjoy a patio with a little sun protection and a nice breeze. Consider installing awnings and solar shades to limit sun exposure and stay comfortable all day. And with a covered patio, installing a ceiling fan offers light breeze that gives you tropical island vibes. Now all you need is an umbrella in your drink.

7.  Add a little spark. Consider hiring a contractor to help you create an outdoor living space complete with a stylish and appealing fireplace or fire pit. As a place for family and friends to gather, a top-quality fire place can make any patio instantly go from drab to fab.

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