Still looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Start with your own home and yard.


Whether your dad is the do-it-yourself type or would rather hire a professional contractor, give the gift of home improvement this year for Father’s Day.

1.  Put together a new tool chest or update his existing collection complete with all the tools a homeowner needs.

2. Give him a break and hire a full-service landscaper or lawn maintenance contractor

A well-kept landscape adds value to your home and can increase the value of your home dramatically. When selecting a landscaper for your home, consider all the services you might need. Do you need something as simple planting a few flowers and maintaining or mowing the lawn? Or something more elaborate as landscape design, water features, aquatic plants, retaining wall, fences, lighting and irrigation systems?


Image by Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.

3. Hire a garage and custom shed contractor to build a custom shed, greenhouse and even a chicken coop!

Has a custom garage been a dream of dad’s for a long time? Has he always talked about “someday” having that greenhouse or raising chickens? A skilled and professional contractor may be just what he needs. These additions can add a lifetime of precious family memories – and maybe some new dirt in your home.

4. Timber! Don’t make dad do all the dirty work, find a tree service contractor take care of the job safely.

Preventative tree services can save you thousands of dollars in damages should a tree or limbs fall due to disease or storm damage. Having a professional check out your tree and do any needed preventative care can be a worthwhile investment – and dad can relax and trust the pros.

5. Is your dad the type that loves to do it all himself? Offer to join and help! Or plan a special outdoor picnic while he works in the yard. Don’t forget a handmade card!

Happy Father’s Day!


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