3 Home Projects You Should Never DIY


In the age of Pinterest and HGTV, there lives an inner do-it-yourself professional inside all of us. Homeowners are feeling more empowered and creative about their wish lists thanks to easy how-to-guides on the web and television shows. The 2017 Houzz and Home survey concluded that spending is up for home renovations among millennials and first-time buyers. But while simple projects are great for saving money, and a fun hobby for some, here are three projects you should leave to the real professionals.

1. Painting kitchen cabinets

Painting interior walls is generally a simple project for even the basic homeowner. With the help of home project stores you can get the right paint and tools needed to complete your project. But that doesn’t mean you can paint everything like a pro – and that includes kitchen cabinets. The buildup of grease and oils mean the cabinets need to be thoroughly cleaned with a degreasing agent distributed through a sprayer. Unless you’re a professional painter, most homeowners don’t know how to successfully use the specialized and expensive equipment. Leave the cabinet painting to a responsible contractor who can get the job done quickly and with perfect results.

2. Roof and gutter maintenance and repairs

Just because you can use a ladder to get up on the roof and hang Christmas lights doesn’t mean you should be up there with a hammer and nails attempting to fix that “small” leak in the shingles. Amateur work can cause more problems to what may be a simple fix for a contractor to complete. Not to mention the level of safety and caution that a professional is trained in. Stay safe and call a responsible contractor for any roof repairs, maintenance or replacement. Get a detailed estimate of the work to be done and ask for references of similar completing roofing projects.

Quick Tip: Preventative maintenance, cleaning, and regular inspection of your roof can not only save you money and headaches when the weather turns bad, but can make your roof last longer and even save you money on homeowner’s insurance.

3. Window replacement

Go to any home project store and you can find an aisle of new and sleek windows to choose from. Does this mean you should pick out your style, bring it home and install it yourself? Unless you’re a professional, we cautiously advise that you don’t. There are specialized tools and safety knowledge needed to make sure the windows are installed and sealed properly and don’t hurt you in the process – you are working with glass after all. If you want to replace your windows, contact a responsible contractor who has the know-how to safely and accurately install new windows.

Quick Tip: According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), homes lose up to one third of their heat through their windows and doors. You can increase your energy efficiency and save money by replacing your old windows. The greater the R-value is on your window, the less money you have to spend on energy bills. Low-E glass is up to four times more efficient than clear glass.

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