5 Reasons You Need to Call an Electrician at The Repair Works


Other than sitting in the dark, there are several good reasons to call an electrician. Sometimes our electrical work may be trying to tell us something’s not right before we experience a blackout or dangerous sparks and fire. A few good reminders can help you keep your property safe and address any electrical issues before it becomes hazardous and more expensive.

  1. When you turn your hair dryer on does it dim the bathroom light? Does a running vacuum flicker the table lamp? If your lights flicker and wane, your appliances could be drawing a lot of current and indication of an electrical problem good enough to call for an electrician.
  2. If your living room has television, cable modem, video console, speaker system wires running under rugs, over walls, on top of mantles, it’s a good time to call an electrician who can safely and neatly organize (hide) your wires and potentially build new outlets where you could use them.
  3. Bad electrical work can be seen and also felt. If your outlets or switches feel warm to the touch or if a switch or outlet gives you an unexpected and startling shock, there could be too much demand on the circuit. This is a complicated and dangerous job for someone without electrical training. Time to call an electrician.
  4. If your home is more than 25 years old and the electrical system hasn’t been upgraded, now is the time to call an electrician for a professional and thorough review of your wiring, current demands, and potential hazards. If your home is old, it’s not likely to be adequate for the demands of our modern technological needs.
  5. Speaking of modern technology, do your outlets support all your needs? Quality power strips can help when you need to plug more than two appliances into an outlet, but an overload of sloppy plugins built like a Tetris game can be extremely hazardous. Your first job is to ensure you’re not overloading an outlet, but if you don’t know what else to do to meet your demands, an electrician can help you solve this puzzle.


About The Repair Works

Owned and operated by John Fisher, The Repair Works has been serving electrical customers of the Puget Sound for more than 33 years. The company offers a full scope of electrical services for residential, commercial and industrial clients including installation, maintenance, and repair.

They own all their own equipment including lifts, trucks, and vans which allows them instant mobility to any urgent electrical need. They strive to exceed customer’s expectations and delivery of high-quality service on time. Satisfied customers across the Puget Sound range from residential homes to commercial buildings.

“Great electrician. Dependable. They have saved our company a lot of money.” Bill, Tacoma WA

Advanced Specialty Electrical Work

The Repair Works offers specialty services for commercial and industrial clients like underground fault location and vacuum excavation. Locating underground electrical faults is necessary for repairing or replacing electric cables and can be done using minimally invasive, damage-free vacuum excavation.  Vacuum excavation uses kinetic energy in a high-velocity air stream to penetrate, expand and break up soil. This process allows the electrician to quickly, safely and economically excavate areas inaccessible to conventional digging equipment such as areas with pressure gas lines and pipelines.


The professionals at The Repair Works go beyond commercial and residential buildings and are experts at street lights and parking lot lights. If you are a business owner or property manager, don’t let your building hide in poor illumination, contact a professional to help you light up your street and parking lot for visibility and customer and employee safety.

For an estimate or urgent help, visit The Repair Works’ profile on their Responsible Contractors’ webpage.

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