4 New Year’s Resolutions for your Home

Exercise, drink more water, read more books. These are all common (and great) new year’s resolutions. But don’t just think about how you want to change yourself, but consider goals and visions for your home, too. If you feel good about your home, you’ll feel better about yourself. Take a few options from us.


Get organized and declutter

This is the least expensive and quickest way to feel better about your home right away. The perfectly timed “Tidying Up” on Netflix has inspired me to deep clean drawers and closets. Taking the time to sort through old clothes, books, baby toys, and junk that’s just taking up space. I start by going room by room, drawer by drawer, cabinet by cabinet. It’s time-consuming, but with the right podcast and music, I can power through. Whatever your method of decluttering or organizing, the work is worth it and you’ll enjoy your home even more.

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom to add more storage solutions can help make staying organized easier with the right set of cabinets or drawers. Large bottom drawers instead of cabinets are easy solutions to create more space and better function.


Go clean and green

I continue to ponder how to save money and help save the planet at the same time. Solar panels are a great investment if you’re looking to take a big step toward energy independence. But there are plenty of other ways we can resolve to keep energy costs down and reduce our carbon footprint.

My parents instilled in me from an early age to always turn off the lights when you leave the room and don’t leave a TV on if you’re not watching it. But when the lights do need to be on, there are eco-friend LED bulbs that last longer and use less power. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to inspect and replace any necessary bulbs (while we’re up there give them a good dusting).

A few rooms in my house feel drafty and don’t warm up or cool down as quickly as others. There is a slight breeze coming in through some windows and it’s time we finally get an expert to help us find the right windows for energy conservation. It’s not a good long-term strategy to keep a space heater in the other bedroom room upstairs.

Do maintenance

The beginning of the year is a great time to look at maintenance projects that often go by the wayside, so if you commit to doing this every January, at least you’ve got it down once a year. So start by replacing air filters, ensure all heating and cooling is working properly and do the deep cleaning projects (you know, sort the garage, empty the gutters, shampoo the carpets). Knock it out now and you’re on your way to a successful year.

Budget and plan for one big project

I have a lot of dreams for my house. A bigger backyard patio with a stone fireplace and built-in speakers. A tree in my front yard. A bonus room professionally designed with a purpose for my family instead of a place where we throw junk and shut the door. If you’re like me and have big dreams but not always the time or budget for all, pick one that serves the best purpose for your home currently. If you are considering moving within the next two years, perhaps spending money and time decorating the bonus room isn’t the best choice. A gorgeous, functional patio will give a lot of benefits and add value to the home when it comes time to sell.

These are just four ideas of things you can around your home to make it work better for you. We all want to relax and feel comfortable in our home so let’s commit together to fix what’s bothering us and plan for exciting new additions and features.

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