Paint color trends from the new neutral to the rich and bold


It’s 2019 and we’re looking to shake things up. We’re decluttering and sparking joy, we’re resolving to use less plastic, and we’re intent on drinking celery juice. Whatever your focus is on the new year, now’s the perfect time to think about what trends we want to embrace. When it comes to home decor, the trendsetters have crafted a new lineup of paint colors and shades we can expect.

“Our team of 20 color stylists analyzes the runway, lifestyles, demographics, and societal trends to determine which color best represents all these variables,” says Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager for PPG, an international paints and coatings company. (Consumer Reports)

Paint manufactures create a paint color forecast based on detailed information from previous sales indicators. The paint manufacturers conjure up new shades based on the natural move that new construction builders, designers, and general consumers are itching toward. Find what you’re ready for and add some color to your home this year.

I’m welcoming the new neutral

For the past decade, new home builders have been opting for soft greys as the baseline neutral. As ubiquitous as an office of cubicles, grey has saturated the market. But when you live in the Pacific Northwest, perhaps it’s time to rethink a new neutral. Consider a shift away from traditional neutrals like shades of white, grey, and beige and try a refreshing, energizing sage. This color has been making a splash in kitchens and bathrooms in the past year, but it has taken claim to be the new neutral shade for all interior walls, cabinets or on the outside of your home.


I want some color but not too much

If your furniture and general pallet taste lean toward gray tones, try gray with a lilac undertone. The lilac undertone adds just enough of a refreshing twist while remaining neutral. Benjamin Moore’s never-fail neutral Sandlot Gray is a nice wink toward a warm purple. But take it a little extra step and go for a medium-depth classic purple (don’t think of a purple dinosaur) like Hazy Lilac which is a romantic shade of gray with a slightly warmer feel. A little bit of purple is a great neutral alternative for your living room or the perfect addition to a bathroom for a subtle way to transform it into a bathroom you love.









(Source: Benjamin Moore – Sandlot Gray)

I want a bit of rich color in the right places

If going neutral in sage green isn’t your style yet there is a gorgeous way to emphasize the sleek, clean look of grey and beige walls. Painting cabinets and built-ins with deep and complex colors strike just the right tone of style without having to take a major leap into bold looks. Look at Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy or Trout Gray are timeless and sophisticated statement colors that pair perfectly with all furnishings from neutral cotton to brown leather.














(Source: The Creativity Exchange – Benjamin Moore Trout Gray)

Bold is for me

Not afraid to try new trends or are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? The right amount of color can add a fresh pop to any space. Don’t think you need to go big or not at all. Find the perfect accent built-in or wall you want to play with. Choose from a periwinkle color or a classic shade of hunter green.

cr-inline-hottest-interor-paint-colors-of-2019-clarkkensington-10-18 (Source: Consumer Report – Clark+Kensington’s Stainless Steel 37B-4)

Are you ready to start painting? If you want to make sure no detail is overlooked and your new color is applied with precision, contact Avatar Painting. When it comes to painting your home, choose Avatar Painting, a professional company where the crew prides itself on being on time and on budget while providing the highest quality work.

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