Five quick tips to keep your home warm and prevent damage from the cold and snow


1. Protect your pipes

By now you should have already winterized your pipes. But if you’re concerned about the big storm causing issues, make sure you don’t get busted or frozen pipes by allowing a tiny drip of cold water to trickle from each faucet. Do not adjust the thermostat during the day while you’re away (or even bundled up at home) thinking you’ll save money; this is a prime time for pipes to get cold and freeze.

2. Seal windows and doors

Mini drafts can cause a major problem. Even the smallest leak in a window can bring in enough cold air to dip internal temperatures. If you see or feel a leak, temporary protect it with bubble wrap or a towel and then contact a window and door contractor who can fix it as soon as possible.

3. Get rid of icicles

When icicles form, it’s best to remove them right away before they fall on their hurting someone or damaging a car or parts of your home. Wear a hardhat, safety glasses and use a broom to sweep them off the roof. Don’t forget to clean them up! No one wants to trip over broken icicles on the ground.

4. Keep your driveway and walkways clear

As the snow keeps piling up, you may need to make multiple trips outside during the day to remove snow from the driveway and walkways. Once it piles up too high, it gets more difficult to remove. Throwdown ice melt or rock salt especially on steps to keep dangerous ice from forming. Watch the awning above your doors as ice can pile up here and collapse. Try sweeping it off with a tall broom.

5. HVAC and fireplace maintenance and repair

If you have a fireplace you want to make sure you’re properly cleaning and maintenance, it to keep it functioning and safe. Read our best tips for keeping your fireplace in pristine condition, and if you need extra support to reach out to a contractor for their expertise. An HVAC contractor can help make sure your furnace, heat pump and other systems are functioning properly.

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