Diesel is as Powerful as Ever – Here’s How It Can Help Your Business


Your time is valuable, especially to your business. If your company utilizes diesel vehicles, then you know how efficient diesel can be. Diesel fuel can reach up to 40 percent efficiency, while gas can only reach around 20 percent, wasting energy through friction and noise. The world of diesel fuel is also constantly evolving with new technology. It can be hard to navigate which types of diesel engines or diesel repairs are needed for your business. Fortunately, local companies like H&H Diesel Repair can help you keep your business on track with their knowledge, experience, and supportive services.

If your business is not using diesel, it may be beneficial for you to make the switch. There are many benefits to diesel vehicles, including:

  • The ability to start up right away – modern diesel cars and trucks can instantly start and do not need to warm up.
  • Most diesel engines are estimated to get at least 45 miles per gallon on the highway.
  • A diesel vehicle can last a long time on one tank of gas – anywhere from 400 to 800 miles.


In a diesel engine, fuel is injected directly into the compressor, unlike a gas engine where air and fuel are mixed before they are compressed. The injector must withstand high temperatures and intense pressure, and can be located in various places in different engines.

The complexity of a diesel engine requires knowledgeable professionals who are familiar with the latest technology for repairs and service. The professionals at H&H Diesel Repair are experts on several different types of fuel injectors, and service many different types of vehicles, from diesel powered pickups, RV’s, medium duty trucks to class 8 road tractors. As a leader in modern diesel fuel injection systems, H&H Diesel Repair continues to invest in a comprehensive suite of test technology, tools, training, and certifications to support their customer’s common rail needs.

If your diesel vehicle needs service or repairs, contact the experts at H&H Diesel Repair. Established in 1964, H&H Diesel Repair has extensive experience providing repair and reconditioning of diesel injection pumps and diesel fuel Injectors. At their fully equipped shop in Fife, Washington, their full service and diagnostic bays will save you time with prompt and efficient repairs.

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