5 Reasons You Need to Call an Electrician at The Repair Works


Other than sitting in the dark, there are several good reasons to call an electrician. Sometimes our electrical work may be trying to tell us something’s not right before we experience a blackout or dangerous sparks and fire. A few good reminders can help you keep your property safe and address any electrical issues before it becomes hazardous and more expensive.

  1. When you turn your hair dryer on does it dim the bathroom light? Does a running vacuum flicker the table lamp? If your lights flicker and wane, your appliances could be drawing a lot of current and indication of an electrical problem good enough to call for an electrician.
  2. If your living room has television, cable modem, video console, speaker system wires running under rugs, over walls, on top of mantles, it’s a good time to call an electrician who can safely and neatly organize (hide) your wires and potentially build new outlets where you could use them.
  3. Bad electrical work can be seen and also felt. If your outlets or switches feel warm to the touch or if a switch or outlet gives you an unexpected and startling shock, there could be too much demand on the circuit. This is a complicated and dangerous job for someone without electrical training. Time to call an electrician.
  4. If your home is more than 25 years old and the electrical system hasn’t been upgraded, now is the time to call an electrician for a professional and thorough review of your wiring, current demands, and potential hazards. If your home is old, it’s not likely to be adequate for the demands of our modern technological needs.
  5. Speaking of modern technology, do your outlets support all your needs? Quality power strips can help when you need to plug more than two appliances into an outlet, but an overload of sloppy plugins built like a Tetris game can be extremely hazardous. Your first job is to ensure you’re not overloading an outlet, but if you don’t know what else to do to meet your demands, an electrician can help you solve this puzzle.


About The Repair Works

Owned and operated by John Fisher, The Repair Works has been serving electrical customers of the Puget Sound for more than 33 years. The company offers a full scope of electrical services for residential, commercial and industrial clients including installation, maintenance, and repair.

They own all their own equipment including lifts, trucks, and vans which allows them instant mobility to any urgent electrical need. They strive to exceed customer’s expectations and delivery of high-quality service on time. Satisfied customers across the Puget Sound range from residential homes to commercial buildings.

“Great electrician. Dependable. They have saved our company a lot of money.” Bill, Tacoma WA

Advanced Specialty Electrical Work

The Repair Works offers specialty services for commercial and industrial clients like underground fault location and vacuum excavation. Locating underground electrical faults is necessary for repairing or replacing electric cables and can be done using minimally invasive, damage-free vacuum excavation.  Vacuum excavation uses kinetic energy in a high-velocity air stream to penetrate, expand and break up soil. This process allows the electrician to quickly, safely and economically excavate areas inaccessible to conventional digging equipment such as areas with pressure gas lines and pipelines.


The professionals at The Repair Works go beyond commercial and residential buildings and are experts at street lights and parking lot lights. If you are a business owner or property manager, don’t let your building hide in poor illumination, contact a professional to help you light up your street and parking lot for visibility and customer and employee safety.

For an estimate or urgent help, visit The Repair Works’ profile on their Responsible Contractors’ webpage.

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Easy ways to build a green home with Assisted Custom Construction


Building a custom home has many advantages like choosing a design that reflects your style and preference. Building a home also allows you to have more control over materials and other decisions that help to make your home more environmentally friendly.  Take some of these ideas with you to your planning meeting with Assisted Custom Construction to get started on your new, custom green home. Or, if you’re not building a new home, these are things all current homeowners can add through installation, renovation or remodeling.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycled materials such as glass, aluminum, tile, lumber, and plastic can be used in home building. You can also salvage vintage items like windows and doors that not only save you money but will add a one-of-a-kind style to your home. Reclaimed wood is also very trendy and can help you achieve multiple styles from farmhouse chic to elegant rustic.

  1. Use Sustainable Materials

Choosing to buy new can be green if you opt for sustainable materials. Think of bamboo and cork, which some of the best eco-friendly building materials the plant has to offer. Bamboo is sturdy and has a very high self-generation rate (it can grow up to three feet in 24 hours) and is an excellent choice for flooring and cabinetry. Cork does not absorb water or rot and it is very flexible and resilient.

  1. Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Tankless Water Heaters

Harvesting rainwater in the Pacific Northwest just makes sense. During the rainy season, we can conserve water to use later in the dryer summer months. No this isn’t for cooking for drinking, but for water that doesn’t need to be purified like lawn irrigation or the home’s sewer system. The City of Seattle website offers more information about this valuable resource and how to install it into your home.

  1. Install High-Efficiency HVAC System, Doors and Windows

Since you’re starting fresh with a new home, when you’re choosing your appliances and doors and windows, look for Energy Star products that will help keep your heating and air conditioner bills down. When thinking of door and window placement, talk to your builder about the best solutions for optimal light while not allowing the inside of the home to become too warm from the sun.


Assisted Custom Construction provides customers with the opportunity to take an active role in building or remodeling the home.  They help design and build a new house, provide construction consulting or just assists while you take charge of the home building process.

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Clean Up Indoor Air and Mold Issues with Solutions from AdvantaClean of the South Sound


Mold inspections, testing, and removal aren’t processes that we think about on a daily basis. After all, major water leaks and flooding are rare. But we definitely think about mold inspections when buying or selling a home, or on the rare occasion, our home suffers from severe flooding.

Mold issues can creep up on us even with the smallest leaks or unknown water damage. Repairs could be as small as slight damage from the roof or basement, to larger more expensive remediation that requires removing spores via an air scrubbing machine, digging into insulation or cutting up walls. The best way to keep your mold problem from getting more expensive is stopping it immediately and being aware of the signs that could lead to a mold problem.


As a responsible homeowner, or even as a renter, there are many simple ways to routinely monitor potential opportunities for mold growth. Because we live in the Pacific Northwest and are always dealing with rain, it’s critical that we continuously monitor for water leaks, water stains or any other water activity within the home. Any moisture left behind can promote mold growth.

Annual roof, gutter, and basement inspections are the first line of defense to water leaking. Maintaining proper ventilation and relative humidity below 55 percent will help prevent mold growth in the walls. General cleaning of the home such as keeping areas free of clutter to promote proper air circulation is also an easy DIY maintenance job.

You can identify mold growth in your home by the sight of patchy mold, the presence of uncommon water, or for some, the smell of musty odors. If someone in your home has been experiencing unusual health or allergy symptoms, an inspection may help identify a moldy culprit. In 2004, the Institute of Medicine found significant evidence to link indoor mold exposure with upper respiratory tract symptoms such as a cough and wheezing in otherwise healthy people.

The most likely source of mold damage comes from sources that aren’t as visible without a professional inspection such as attics and crawl spaces or near plumbing and walls that seep moisture from the ground. Some homes have experienced moisture in the walls from improper installation or damage to a dryer vent. Of course, mold can be visible too, beginning as a small patch of black or green on the wall. If you suspect mold, you should immediately contact a mold expert for proper testing.

For proper and safe mold inspections and removal, contact AdvantaClean of the South Sound. Locally owned and operated by Jared Toppenberg, the company’s experience, training, and resources ensure quality commitment to testing, treating and restoring your property affected by mold growth.

AdvantaClean of the South Sound holds certifications through MICRO as a Certified Mold Contractors and Certified Mold Inspectors.

If you suspect water or moisture damage to your home or if you need a proper inspection before buying or selling a home, contact AdvantaClean of the South Sound.

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5 Tips for Aging in Place and Building a Life-long Home with Moore Renovations


As our family gets older, we are often thinking about the best solution for our home lifestyle. Aging in place is a wonderful option for families who wish to remain in their own homes without the stress and continual work of modifying and updating the home. As defined by Architectural Digest, “aging in place” is strongly linked to greater health and happiness outcomes for seniors when it is a viable option for those who can afford home health aides or nearby family members who can provide care.

Moore Renovations, based out of Normandy Park, Wash., specializes in incorporating universal design principles for couples that are becoming empty nesters and looking at their home as the place where they will settle into during retirement. With more than 15 years’ experience, owners Kim and Dana Moore design projects for the new home builder, those in need of quick repairs, or remodels to meet specific needs. They’re committed to evolving with the latest trends and strive to continually stay up-to-date on material, equipment and color trends for all clients.


Moore Renovations can help you find the best style and design concepts for aging in place. The Aging in Place Guide released by the New York City’s Department for the Aging recommends several options that make a home aging-friendly. These suggestions include mechanisms that assist a person when mobility is impaired and designs that will never age a home’s value.

  1. Door levers and doorknobs that are easy to open, not a knob that requires the wrist to turn. You’ll want to make sure all doors have no step, allowing for the smooth entry and exit in a wheelchair or for someone balance impaired.
  2. Simple technology is also a great concept to consider for aging parents; consider door locks, lighting, and thermostats that can be easily controlled with a smartphone or tablet.
  3. For flooring choose soft and smooth surfaces that are kinder on joints and won’t pose a trip hazard like cork, rubber or linoleum. Padded carpet can be difficult for wheelchairs and pose a tripping hazard. Specific design details can also help a person with impaired vision, so avoid strong patterns or shiny surfaces that may interfere with depth perception.
  4. In the kitchen, adding an island on wheels can help provide clearance for a walker or wheelchair, and a fold-down surface at one end allows the homeowner to sit to prepare meals. Limit the number of high cabinets, and never build one over a stove which is a major hazard for someone with limited mobility or impaired balance. An excellent alternative to traditional cabinets is built-in kitchen drawers which are much easier to reach and organize.
  5. An adjustable-height showerhead with a handheld wand can help bring independence to the bathroom. When updating a bathroom for an elderly home, choose a no-threshold or walk-in shower that has room for seating. Grab bars are also essential during the shower installation.

Contact Moore Renovations to help you create an aging-friendly home.


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Keep your plumbing healthy and efficient with tips and care from My Ph.D. Services


Whether your toddler flushed her shoe down the toilet or a small drip in the kitchen sink won’t stop no matter how hard your crank that wrench, we all have to call in a plumber at some point.

When you need a plumbing expert, look for My Ph.D. Services (plumbing, heating and drain cleaning). My Ph.D Services is family-owned and operated by Jason Luna who has more than 13 years’ experience in the service and installation of plumbing in new homes, remodeled homes and commercial businesses.

Along with residential and commercial property repairs, My Ph.D. Services can install your garbage disposal and water heater.

Plumbing maintenance is just as important as the maintenance of your car. It’s important to know what you’re doing so you don’t create bigger issues down the road. Below are the best tips to keep your garbage disposal working properly, chrome fixtures shiny and efficient, and to properly warm up frozen pipes.

Cheat Sheet for Top 3 Plumbing Tips from My Ph.D. Services

Garage disposal care: Always use cold water when operating the disposal to solidify fatty and greasy wastes. This ensures they will be properly chipped up and flushed down the drain. Keep a strong flow of cold water running for at least 30 seconds after the noise of grinding has stopped.

Soap and lime build-up on chrome fixtures: Soak a paper towel in white wine vinegar and squeeze out the excess. Wrap it around the chrome fixture for 10 minutes. Remove the towel and buff the chrome with a new, dry towel. Do not use this on brass, colored fixtures or fiberglass.

Frozen Pipes: If your pipes are frozen – no water is coming out during the cold months – immediately shut off the water at the main shutoff valve and open the faucet nearest to the frozen pipe so it can drain as it thaws. Waterproof the area with containers in case of leaks. Gradually warm the frozen pope with a hair dryer (acting as a torch), or wrap a heating pad around the length of the pipe, or wrap the pipe (except plastic) in rags and pour boiling water on to it. For pipes behind walls, place a halogen work light or space heater eight or more inches from the surface.

Plumbers can also provide routine maintenance using their state-of-the-art tools that not homeowners typically don’t own. We know that dirt, grease, and debris are all bad for drain lines. Is this junk in your sewer and drain line causing blockages and slow draining? Watch out, these blockages can result in flooded basements, schools, or restaurants – any building! A regular sewer maintenance program that includes high-pressure water jetting can help avoid any unexpected (and gross) sewer backups.

From sewer repair to boiler replacements, My Ph.D. Services provides complete customer satisfaction at affordable prices. Their friendly dispatchers are ready for your call 24/7 with a skilled plumber always ready to help you with any home or commercial plumbing challenge or emergency.

Bryan from Auburn, WA said, “The office staff is friendly, and the plumbers usually come out earlier than expected so I never have to wait.”  Another satisfied customer from Tacoma said the work provided by My Ph.D. Services can be described as “quick response, extremely professional and excellent service.”

Contact My Ph.D. Services for your routine plumbing maintenance, and keep their contact information handy for a plumbing, heating or drain emergency.

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When It Comes to Painting, Hire A Professional at Avatar Painting, Inc.


Patining is one of the most popular do-it-yourself home projects. Anyone can run down to a big box or home improvement store and pick up primer, brushes and select from hundreds of color swatches. But it doesn’t mean that everyone should be their own painter.

If you’re a new homeowner with an itch to dip into a project, painting a small room or one accent wall is a safe option. First, start with a small wall to get practice in, and choose a room like an office or guest room that you don’t have to see every day like the main living room or master suite. This will give you a good idea about your skill level and if painting your interior is a project for you. As far as the exterior goes, this requires a lot of professional equipment and a steady balance on a ladder, it’s best to leave that one to the pros.

If you’re not a DIY painter or just don’t have the time or desire then, hiring a professional is the best option. For a trusted and reliable contractor look to Avatar Painting, Inc. who will accurately and quickly complete the job for you. They put pride and effort into every job and will leave you feeling satisfied with their work.

Located in Sumner, Washington, Avatar Painting was founded by Jason Mobley, a skilled tradesman with more than 20 years of experience. Together with his team, they provide superior service with professional results. They demand a sharp attention to detail and are committed to makings sure each customer is completely satisfied with their project.

Contact Avatar Painting for a free estimate on your painting project.


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Add Contrasting Textures or Classic Styles with Tile First Installations

When it comes to tile design and installation, there are unlimited options to choose select. You can select scene-stealing herringbone wood tile floors throughout the home, or find a classic but unique pattern for your laundry room. The shapes, styles, and color of tile options are limitless, so why not add your own unique spin to floors, backsplash and countertop options?

Installing tile floors, backsplash or bathroom trim is a labor intensive and intricate process. The work can be tedious but also meticulous. Hiring a professional tile installer will save you time, money and make sure it’s done accurately. From design and planning to grout and finish, Tile First Installations is there working for you.


Photos by homebunch, apartment therapy, little green notebook.

Remodeling is an exciting way to add a personal touch to your home to reflect your own style. But it’s not always convenient. Tile First Installation strives to make the process as easy as possible to get you to your dream design with quality craftsmanship while staying on time and on budget.

Tile First Installations offers honest and reliable estimates and then does the job right. They are well-known for their quick, friendly service, quality work, expert service, precise cost estimates, and beautiful designs. They are also familiar with all materials and products and will teach you how to care for them long after they are installed.

Quick Tips

  1. Purchase extra tiles to replace those with blemishes or chips that occur during shipping or installation.

  2. Tile doesn’t need to lay parallel. Consider adding visual interest with herringbone or diagonal patterns. But do remember intricate patterns or unique accents and trim pieces will increase your costs.

Deborah from Olympia said they are, “Phenomenal! Everyone who has seen my bathroom has said what an amazing job they did. They retiled my bath surround including furring the wall out and creating niches for me. Darren was very knowledgeable in helping me choose the best tile for my bath and even how to care for it. Really easy to work with – one of the best contractors I’ve ever had work on my home.”

Contact Tile First Installation for help with selecting the right style and design, crafting a budget and professional installation.


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