Achieve Home Improvement Excellence with Contreras Renovations LLC


Choosing to hire a general contractor for home renovations and remodeling can be a stressful time. You might have a vision for what you want, or you just may need a professional to help you decide what changes and improvements to make. Hiring a qualified general contractor will bring expertise into the preparation, building, quality control and completion of your project. When it comes to hiring a remodeling contractor, you will have peace of mind with Contreras Renovations LLC.

Contreras Renovations LLC was founded in 1995 by Rafael Contreras. For more than 20 years, Contreras Renovations has continued to satisfy customers with remodeling, renovations, general construction and home improvement. Contreras Renovations is a family-run business with decades of experience and a proven track record for quality construction.



Bathroom remodel by Contreras Renovations LLC

Reasons to Remodel Your Home

There are countless projects a contractor can help you with. But four of the top reasons to remodel or renovate your home include old, dated and wasted spaces.

  1. It feels stale. A fresh coat of paint on walls and trim will give it an instant face-lift and make your home feel fresh.
  2. Wasted basement space. If your basement is more of a dark storage unit, you can use this square footage and convert it into a functional living space. Maybe an extra bedroom and bathroom, a large play area for the kids, or a wet bar and big screen TV for your favorite sports.
  3. Dated and lackluster. Does that lighting fixture belong in another decade? Have your countertops and cabinets seen better days?  A contractor can help you spruce up the place with new, on-trend features and materials.
  4. No outdoor living. If your backyard is deserted and lacks any character, consider a custom deck, gazebo or walkway to bring life back to your outdoor living areas.

Contreras Renovations is fully licensed, bonded and insured to meet all requirements of a contractor you can trust. They are knowledgeable of the regulations, specific codes and permit process that may effect your home renovation project.

Quick Tip

Remodeling and construction is dirty work, but they keep their work areas clean and as dust-free as possible. The contractors recommend you remove and protect valuables in areas of your home surrounding the project site, and they will seal off the work area to help protect your home and belongings.


What Customers Say

“Thank you again for the excellent work you and your workers performed, both on our new fence and on the concrete patio extension. It was a pleasure to see our rough ideas for home improvement materialize into your finished work.” BY, Federal Way

“I have had Rafael and his crew do two different jobs for me now. The first was a small repair job and I was so pleased, I called him when I needed a larger remodel project done. I am totally impressed with his construction knowledge, timeliness, and quality of work, on top of very reasonable prices. I would recommend him to anyone.” NS, Edgewood

Get started on your home remodel today. Contact Contreras Renovations at 253-921-2602 or get more information on our website. highlights only those contractors who are licensed, bonded, insured and can provide at least three verifiable referenced. Contractors must apply and be approved to be listed on Responsible Contractors, ensuring our consumers have access to legitimate contractors with demonstrated expertise and experience.

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Leave a Signature Mark on Your Exterior with Concrete Impressions, Inc.


There are so many unique ways to add our own personal style to our home’s exteriors. So why do so many concrete driveways still look the same with a boring, flat texture? We paint our exterior, plant flowers and add decorations to add our own personal touch to our home, so why not a stylish concrete design?

Thankfully the team at Concrete Impressions, Inc. are creative concrete design experts who can help your concrete areas go from drab to fab! Stamped concrete is ideal for enhancing the look of driveways, patios and pool decks. By replicating the look of brick, tile, cobblestone and more, you can achieve the high-end look of stone or brick pavement more affordably.

Concrete Impressions Inc. is a family-owned and operated business located in Graham, Washington. They complete both residential and commercial work, with such jobs as replacing driveways, adding sidewalks, building patios, porches, retaining walls and foundations. They help any home or business add a unique mark to their curb appeal with finishes that include stamped, broom, exposed aggregate, hard trowel, spray-deck and more.

The professionals at Concrete Impressions want to help you maintain long-lasting beauty and wear for all your property’s concrete. Follow these simple tips to extend the life of your concrete:

  • Do not apply deicing chemicals for snow and ice removal; sand is recommended
  • Do not use harsh acids for stain removal
  • Concrete patio floors are sealed to prevent staining
  • Cleaning and sealing stamped and colored concrete should be done on a regular basis; reseal every 2 or 3 years depending on how much traffic and water your concrete gets
  • Use a polymer modified concrete resurfacing material to make old surfaces looks new



The crew at Concrete Impressions building a beautiful patio and walk way.

 Interested in adding unique concrete styles to your home? Here are a few samples.

Sierra Exif JPEG Sierra Exif JPEG Sierra Exif JPEG  randomstoneborders_circle4_240

If it’s time for new concrete, or you’re thinking of a unique way to add a little extra design, consider stamped concrete and contact Concrete Impressions. 


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6 Budget-friendly Ways to Brighten Up Your Home This Weekend


Spring cleaning is all the rage this time of year, and we’re recommending six simple projects you can accomplish over the weekend.

1. Kitchen and bath fixtures: Change out dimmed light bulbs – or replace with energy-efficient LED bulbs. They use less energy than traditional incandescent, saving you money overtime. While you’re up in the fixtures, dust inside and out. It’ll really brighten up the space.

2. Check your safety devices and air filters: Replace batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector, and check to make sure you know where your fire extinguishers are located. It’s also a good time to check your air filters. Once a year you should also hire an HVAC specialist to clean out your vents and inspect for efficiency.

3. Clean walls and touch-up paint: Use a sponge or soft rag to wipe down walls with warm, soapy water. Then use a roller brush to touch up nicks and chips in your paint. Use the dusting attachment on your vacuum or use a long duster to clean up any cobwebs or dust bunnies hiding in the corners of your walls.

4. Clean the laundry room: When your cleaning appliances are clean, they’ll work more efficiently. Run your washing machine with specialty tub cleaner or with vinegar on hot water. Remove all lint from your dryer vent using a dryer brush or vacuum attachment.

5. Give your grill a deep clean: Scrub and rinse the grates in a bucket of soapy water. Scrub under the hood to remove buildup from grease and smoke. Then using stainless steel wipes, clean the exterior and get your grill bright and shiny.

6. It’s not all work and no play: Add a relaxing patio feature such as a porch swing or an awning. Don’t forget a tall glass of iced tea to sit back and enjoy after your hard work.

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Super Handyman Will Save You From Your DIY Fears

Super_Handyman (1)

Does the term “do-it-yourself” stress you out? Are you at a loss of time to do any fixing up? Is the only “honey do” you want a melon? Let’s face it, some of us just aren’t that handy around the house and that’s ok! Lee Warren of Super Handyman, LLC is your go-to when you need someone with knowledge, skill and experience for household repairs and maintenance. Whether it’s interior or exterior, Lee can take on that project for you.

Mary from Lakewood said, “Lee is truly super. My kitchen floor was a mess. Uneven parts of it were rotting around the sink. Lee replaced the sub-floor and put in new hardwood. I couldn’t believe the beautiful results. Fabulous job for a reasonable price.”


What can a handyman help you with? The possibilities are endless.

Installing new light fixture or ceiling fan

If you’ve never installed a new light fixture or a ceiling fan, it’s not wise to do it on your own without professional supervision. Sure, you can find instructions online, but knowing your boundaries around electrical wiring will save you from potential damage or injury. You can easily shock yourself or spark a fire.

Gutter cleaning

Removing debris such as leaves and tree branches isn’t inherently difficult, but it can be dangerous and for some with fear of heights, this task can be a hard pass. A handyman, equipped with a ladder, safety gear and experience, can do this seasonal task for you.

Hang a door or replace a broken window

Like many DIY projects, instructions are easy enough to find online. But hanging a new heavy door up by yourself, or with no prior experience,  can cause more problems down the road if not done correctly. A handyman can get it done quicker, saving you time and energy.

Installing new countertops or back splash

Home improvement shows can make just about anyone feel like a renovation pro. But installing new countertops and back splash require not just expertise but a lot of tools you likely don’t have laying around if you’re not an expert. Hiring a handyman not only saves on the stress, but could save you money in the long run; how often are you changing out your countertops? Probably not enough to rationalize owning all the supplies and equipment.

These are just a few examples of home projects a handyman can help you with. Contact Super Handyman for more ways he can you around the house.

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Pac West Plumbing Serves All Your Plumbing Emergencies. But Consider Plumbing Maintenance, Too


“Honey call the plumber!”

When we think of reaching for the plumber’s number, it’s usually due to an emergency. But there are many things you can proactively for plumbing maintenance.

To help keep your plumbing systems cost efficient and running smoothly, consider the following maintenance tips.

  • If you’re thinking about an update in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, choose water-efficient faucets and shower heads.
  • If you’re happy with your current pieces, make sure to always keep an eye and ear out for drips when the faucets are off. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a leaky faucet with one drip per second wastes 3,000 gallons of water every year. That’s like wasting more than 180 showers!
  • Your showers will be more enjoyable with an even spray. You can unscrew the collar nut from the shower head, gently clean the outlet and inlet holes using a thin wire. Soak the shower head in vinegar to remove mineral deposits. Also, clean the strainers regularly to remove the hair and soap collected to keep water running smoothly and evenly down the drain.
  • You’ve heard it before, but a good reminder to not use your toilet as a trashcan. Don’t flush facial tissue or cotton balls as they can clog the lines.


When you do have a plumbing emergency, you want a professional you can have confidence in. Pac West Plumbing has been serving the Puget Sound and Western Washington for more than 20 years and can tackle historic, older plumbing systems along with the most modern technologies. Beyond traditional plumbing services (kitchen, bath, laundry rooms) Pac West Plumbing also offers jacuzzi, whirlpool and spa installations. It’s dangerous for an unexperienced person to navigate the combination of electricity and water.

Keep Pac West Plumbing’s number handy, because when that emergency does strike, one less thing to worry about is finding a trusted and reliable contractor. Click here to see all of their contact information.

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What to Look for When Evaluating Your Roof’s Health: Featuring Tony’s Roofcare


A home is not a home without a roof – it makes up the very definition of shelter. Don’t overlook small roof issues that could add up to a major expense. If it’s time to replace all or part of your roof, Tony’s Roofcare is committed to offering homeowners and businesses with the best quality, service and price. They only use the best materials and all of their roofers have a minimum of five years experience installing roofs. They offer any brand or type, whether it’s a new or replacement roof or maintenance of an existing roof.

Replacing a roof can be an expensive process, but thankfully for most homes, a roof should last at least 25 years. A roof inspection should occur during every home buying transaction. Too many homeowners are caught off guard with the need to replace the roof before it can go through to the sellers. So if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, make sure you’re aware of the quality of your roof before you get hit with a costly bill.

If the shingles are curling, your roof is ok for now, but it may only last another 1 to 5 years. But when the shingles turn upward, there’s the potential or leaks. If you notice a few shingles blown off your roof into the yard or see a bald patch up top isolated to one area, you may just need a patch up. Keep an eye out if you start to see more shingles popping off as it could be a sign the shingles are cracked and weathered, and you’ll have a bigger issue in the coming years.


The Pacific Northwest is wet and humid, you don’t need us to tell you that. But it’s the perfect breeding ground (or roof) for moss or algae to grow. You may notice this on your roof, but don’t panic yet. Typically, this is just a cosmetic issue. A wash consisting of one-part bleach and one-part water can be your solution. But unless you’re comfortable with heights and have worked on roofs before, consider hiring a professional at Tony’s Roofcare to handle the dirty work.

About Tony’s Roofcare: They can handle your windows, siding, and exterior painting as well as repairing or replacing your roof, or cleaning and general maintenance. When it comes to the exterior of the home, they save homeowners time and money by being a singular point of contact. Even more, their customer care doesn’t conclude with the project. They believe in educating their customers on proper care and maintenance and being available long after a project has finished. 

Finally, if you can see sunlight coming from your ceiling or if the roof is sagging, you need to contact a roofing company as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse, and ultimately, more expensive the damage will be.

These are not all of the symptoms that can happen to an imperfect roof. If you have concerns about leaks or the structural look, contact Tony’s Roofcare for a trusted and professional inspection.

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Awnings by Design Give Your Outdoor Life New Dimensions

Retractable awnings are one of the best investments you can make to your outdoor space.

They give your outdoor life new dimensions, providing more use out of your patio by protecting you from the scorching summer sun or drizzle of rain we are accustomed to in the Pacific Northwest. Awnings also extend the life of your outdoor furniture by blocking the bleaching effect of the sun’s damaging rays.


Retractable awnings design and installed by Awnings by Design give this home’s many outdoor spaces plenty of sun protection. 

Awnings by Design has more than 200 fabric colors and patterns to custom-design your perfect balcony or patio. Because your awning is custom designed for your unique style and preferences, allow 4 – 6 weeks from date of order to installation.

Manual awnings use a crank or pull tape to open and close. Automatic awnings use a motor to do the work but are also more expensive. The professionals at Awnings by Design will install your motorized awning.

Retractable awnings are more than just an outdoor investment – they may contribute to lower electric bills. By providing exterior shade, they help to keep the interior of your home cooler. If you don’t have an indoor cooling system, blocking the direct sun from your windows is critical to keeping your home comfortable. Even with a cooling system, blocking the sun with an awning will keep them from working too hard, thus helping to bring your electric bill down.


A pop of color adds an exciting design element to this Pacific Northwest home.

Retractable awnings do what they say they do – retract. Pull it in during rough rain and wind or during the off-season when your patio isn’t in frequent use. You can also install a rain and wind sensor that automatically closes the awning itself to keep it safe from damaging weather elements.

Awnings are mildew-resistant and low-maintenance, but overtime, awnings collect dirt and dust, water can also collect in some places on fabric awnings. Make sure it is always clear of debris to keep it functioning properly.  You can quickly and easily clean awning with a soft bristled brush, warm water and a natural soap solution.

To get started on your custom retractable awning, contact Awnings by Design.

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