4 Clever Ways to Ban Clutter with Multi-functional Storage Solutions

In Marie Kondo’s best-selling how-to book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, she claims that “A booby trap lies within the term ‘storage.’ It’s human nature to take the easy route, and most people leap at storage methods that promise quick and convenient ways to remove visible clutter.”

If you’ve become captivated with the minimalism and clutter-free approach, you may think you should ignore any more tips about storage. But hiring the right experts to help you utilize multi-functional pieces can give you integrated spaces designed to complement your clutter-free lifestyle. Here are four essentials that will help you tidy up and be intentional with your storage needs.

1. Sophisticated closet storage

When you need more than a simple rod and shelf, closet organizer systems help you to make the most of your closet space. From wire to wood to hanging shelves, special components and accessories, each closet organization system has its own approach to your unique style and needs. But first, before you design your dream closet, go through everything you have and donate or throw away items you no longer wear or need. This will keep you organized and clutter free.


Photo by The Closet Guys located in Marysville, WA.

2. Strategically organized garage

Garages are a no-brainer answer to “Where do I put this?” But how often does it get overwhelmingly full with items that don’t belong or have a dedicated space? Keep your garage tidy and meant for its original purpose, which is to store a vehicle or two. A contractor can work with you customize your garage with convenient and safe storage solutions. A contractor can also help you build that garden shed you’ve always wanted for your big lawnmower and other outdoor supplies and tools, keeping them out of the garage.



3. Storage bench or ottoman

Benches and ottomans are the ultimate multitasker. Add a built-in storage bench to your bay window for a cozy reading nook and as a place to keep blankets or baby toys. Read our post about built-ins for more ideas. Don’t forget about ottomans that act as extra seating, foot rests and a solution for anything you want easy access to, but kept out of site.


4. Go beyond a standard cabinet

Kitchen cabinets have unlimited possibilities. A contractor can create built-in solutions to get even more function out of your cabinets and drawers. Don’t waste space with a junk drawer, and instead use cabinets to hide your recycling or trash bins. Or consider keeping your pup’s food off the floor and in its own dedicated space with slide out drawers for feeding time.











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Trust Simply the Best with Kitsap Custom Coatings


There is nothing quite like a fresh paint job to improve the curb appeal of your home or give you a renewed interior look. With a trusted contractor, you can easily transform the look of your house with an updated, on-trend paint color, or simply touch up fades and chips.

When you need to hire a professional painter, you must look for a company that is committed to excellent customer service and to performing a high-quality job. Kitsap Custom Coatings, located in Silverdale, WA, believes their customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Their entire team is committed to meeting those needs and they welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.

As a result of their top-rated services, a high percentage of their business earned is from repeat customers and referrals. The team will do “everything they can to meet your expectations.” One of Kitsap Custom Coatings’ satisfied customers, Miller from Bremerton said, “They were timely, priced right, and cleaned everything up well. If you need a painter you can’t do any better than Kitsap Custom Coatings.”

Kitsap Custom Coatings specializes in custom cabinet finishes, painting or staining millwork, interior or exterior painting, driveway finishes, dry wall repair and light carpentry.  The team at Kitsap Custom Coatings will consult with you on your specialty project to bring you that “magazine finish” look to your home.

With so many options available and unique senses of style, it takes a quality paint professional to transform any dream into reality. The specialists at Kitsap Custom Coatings can take white painted columns and turn them into a natural wood finish or distress your kitchen cabinets to give them that beautiful and on-trend vintage look.

For commercial properties, no job is too big or too small. Kitsap Custom Coatings is proud to include medical centers, lawyer’s offices, storage facilities and banquet halls among their list of valued customers.

Kitsap Custom Coatings provides the highest quality of residential coating services in the industry. The results achieved stem from quality products and excellent craftsmanship used on each project. The company is committed to completing the job on time, the first time, and to stay on budget.

“The crew was fast, clean and courteous. The price was great and the quality of work was wonderful. They didn’t skimp on the paint! Would highly recommend.” – Cole, Seabeck, WA

Trust “simply the best in the Northwest,” for first-rate painting services and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Click here to contact Kitsap Custom Coatings for a free quote and consultation on your next home painting projects.

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Fulfill your Home Style Dreams with Lexar Renovations


Every day across the country, homeowners are designing concepts for new home renovations. And much like the latest fashions, home trends are always evolving. The experts at Lexar Renovations can help you turn your trendy – or traditional – home style dream into reality while ensuring your home will have the highest quality of products and an elegant look.

Lexar Renovations is a full-service renovation company, giving you peace of mind and satisfaction for all aspects of your projects from concept to design and completion. The experienced staff will provide you with a personalized design and state-of-the-art building products to make your renovation project a grand success.

Improvements made to your home add comfort for you and your family, and they also instantly boost equity to your largest investment. With renovations, you will add value and pride to your home with a new timeless elegance or contemporary contrast.  Lexar Renovations has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to provide professional remodeling, renovation and restoration services with an exceptional level of craftsmanship.


Two of the best ways to improve your property value are kitchen and bathroom renovations, which are exciting and popular choices for most homeowners. Remodeling projects can range from small updates that add a big impact, such as updating fixtures, tile fixtures or paint. Lexar Renovations can also support you in your complete wall-to-wall renovation dreams by updating plumbing and heating, electrical work and designing a comfortable and functional space.


Pursuing a kitchen remodel can be a daunting task but Lexar Renovations offers a comprehensive experience that removes the difficult, and at times frustrating, parts of home renovation projects by working closely with you to coordinate all aspects of the design, selection and layout.


In unfortunate cases of fire or water damage, Lexar Renovations is your go-to home improvement company. After a stressful event, it can be difficult to begin imaging what repairs need to be made. But Lexar Renovations will assess the damage done and personalize a plan to help you rebuild your home or commercial property. With years of experience working with insurance companies, the team at Lexar Renovations are professionals at returning families and companies to their spaces in a timely manner.

Water damage can be hidden and observed, both of which can result in major problems that can affect your and your family’s health. Lexar Renovations has the latest moisture detection meters to help find hidden saturated areas, and can remove mold, mildew, musty odors and unsightly staining. They specialize in water removal (from puddles to ponds) and multiple methods of drying including refrigerants, desiccants and high-velocity air movers.

Whether you’re repairing damage to your home or looking for a whole new style and look, Lexar Renovations will create the spaces of your dreams. Take it from satisfied customers who have said the team at Lexar Renovations are “very professional,” and they are “very pleased with the result.”

“I have already recommended them to neighbors, friends and family. They did a full remodel of our master bath including a full retile of the shower, plus tile in the laundry room. They stayed right on the money with their bid which was a third less than anyone else, did excellent work and used top-quality materials. They were always on time and offered great customer service. Happy to recommend them.” Judson, Yelm, WA

Contact Lexar Renovations to get started on your dream project today.

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7 ideas to upgrade your patio into the ultimate outdoor oasis

Spring is a great time to take a fresh look outside.  Is the paint chipping on your deck?  Is there mold or moss visible? Could your patio use a little aesthetic and entertainment tune-up?  These updates aren’t just for your personal benefit but also protect the condition and value of your property. Below is a list of seven updates you can make to upgrade your outdoor space just in time for warmer weather.

1.  Installing a patio swing brings limitless options to ways you can enjoy your relaxing outdoor living area. This comfortable alternative to the lounge chair makes for a perfect place to enjoy Sunday afternoon naps, a good book, or simply appreciating your beautiful, updated backyard.

patio swing


2.  An elegant undercover system will transform the space under your deck from wet and messy to dry and tidy. The underdeck ceiling can be installed with a vast selection of accessories to make this the ultimate entertaining space for year-round enjoyment, such as: recessed speakers, hanging lights, fans, retractable screens, mounted infrared heaters and televisions.

3.  Outdoor spaces are meant for relaxing with iced tea and a book, or barbecuing with friends. We don’t want it to be another space where we spend more time cleaning and maintaining than enjoying. For an easy-to-maintain deck, consider a low-maintenance solution like composite decking. It’s smooth finish ensures you can spend more time relishing the outdoors and less time working.

4.  String lights are not just for Christmas time and can add a sparkle and glow to any patio. To give you more decorating freedom and save on electrical costs, look for solar-powered options.



5.  Nothing can ruin an enjoyable dusk on the patio more than pesky mosquitoes. Repel mosquitoes and stay bite free with container plants that will defend your patio. Try rosemary, horsemint, citronella, and basil to keep those annoying bugs away.

6.  Sometimes we want to enjoy a patio with a little sun protection and a nice breeze. Consider installing awnings and solar shades to limit sun exposure and stay comfortable all day. And with a covered patio, installing a ceiling fan offers light breeze that gives you tropical island vibes. Now all you need is an umbrella in your drink.

7.  Add a little spark. Consider hiring a contractor to help you create an outdoor living space complete with a stylish and appealing fireplace or fire pit. As a place for family and friends to gather, a top-quality fire place can make any patio instantly go from drab to fab.

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AllPoints Delivers Quality Comfort To Your Home and Backyard

Allpoints-heating-fireplaces (002)

From grey, wet winters to sunny, hot summers, the Pacific Northwest offers weather for both the rain coat enthusiast and the backyard entertainer. If you prefer the warmer months, you can turn your home into a comfortable oasis when the cold outdoor temperatures are anything but desirable. What’s better than cuddling up in front of the fireplace with a good book? Then during the beautiful summer days and nights you can enjoy entertaining family and friends with your updated barbecue and stunning outdoor living space. With one call to AllPoints Fireplace & Heating, you can have the comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces you’ve always wanted.

Award-winning and trusted service gives you peace of mind

For more than 40 years, AllPoints Heating & Fireplace has been trusted by residents of King and South Snohomish counties to install reliable, high-quality heating and cooling systems, air quality systems, fireplaces, stove systems, barbecues and outdoor living systems. HORECO, their commercial division provides design, installation, service and maintenance to businesses in the Pacific Northwest. They specialize in HVAC and refrigeration systems for high-tech facilities, and retail store development and equipment rentals.

If your home needs a new installation or just a routine service, AllPoints’ trained and certified technicians provide the expertise your comfort depends on. With extensive engineering and design capabilities, the company’s expert technicians receive regular factory training and are NATE Certified. The residential and commercial divisions offer 24/7 emergency service and maintenance of all brands for residences and businesses.

Whether you desire a movable, energy-conscious freestanding stove, or the warmth and comfort of an authentic wood-burning fire, AllPoints can help you choose the best solutions for your fireplace needs and provide expert installation. When the outdoors start to warm up and the indoors could use a cool down, AllPoints can help you select the right cooling system for your home. The AllPoints experts offer portable air conditioners, window air conditioners, central air conditioning systems, ductless air conditioners, and maintenance that delivers reliable, proven performance at high efficiency.

Along with creating a comfortable indoor temperature, AllPoints also installs indoor air filtration systems which ensures you maintain healthy air quality. The experts at AllPoints can help you find the right balance for your home and family, providing a healthy humidity level and indoor air quality.

Live your dream of a beautiful, functional outdoor living space

Have you been dreaming about upgrading your outdoor living space? AllPoints sells and services only top quality barbecues, grills and wood smokers that provide a superior grilling experience. Their outdoor living design and fire pits give you the stylish and relaxing oasis you’ve always wanted. Every taste and style can be met thanks to All Point’s extensive inventory of top quality outdoor living products.


AllPoints takes the hassle and frustration out of installing new products both in and outside your home. One satisfied customer in Redmond, WA, said, “One of the reasons we chose them was they were able to do everything we needed and get just one permit for the whole job. The crew was on time and obviously well-trained and very experienced. It all looks as professional as we had hoped and everything works well!”

Responsible Contractors is delighted to include AllPoints Heating & Fireplace in its directory and recommends their services with hesitation. Click here to read their full profile. 


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5 easy changes for an eco-friendly home

We all want to do our part to limit our carbon footprint and cut costs around the home. Today, it’s never been easier to make subtle changes that will bring your electricity bill down, reduce waste and help keep our planet green. Here are five easy changes you can make to transform your space into an environmentally-conscious home.

1. Invest in energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment. Hiring a professional to install the best equipment for your home is a smart and modern investment you can make today. Keep your costs down by checking around for available rebates on energy-efficient ENERGY STAR qualified heating and cooling equipment. Check out Energy Star and Puget Sound Energy for information and rebates.

2. Eliminate waste from the kitchen. Bring your own reusable bag and shop for fresh, local produce at farmer’s markets or bring your own containers to weigh grains, nuts and even coffee at the grocery store. These easy shopping alternatives help to rid your home of wasteful plastic containers and bags. Already doing that? Consider planting and growing herbs in containers inside or vegetables in your yard.



3. Energy-star Qualified kitchen appliances are vastly available in today’s market. They are one of the easiest alternatives you can take to use 10-50% less energy than standard models. If you’re remodeling or upgrading your kitchen, think about placing your refrigerator in a shaded area. Refrigerators in the sunlight forces it to work harder to keep cool, and ultimately raises your electricity bill.

4. Installing energy-efficient windows and doors will help keep your thermostat at an energy-efficient number and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter due to better insulation. A trusted contractor can professionally install top-quality windows and doors, making these upgrades a breeze.

5. Protect the local environment with landscaping using plants that are native to the area. Overtime, native plants adapted to the unique climate conditions of the Pacific Northwest, and need less fertilizer, watering and maintenance. Allowing native plants to flourish is an easy way to give your landscaping a green-thumb boost. Some examples of native plants to the Pacific Northwest include goatsbeard and broadleaf lupine. Click here for a full list of native plants to our region.




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Trust Arlie’s Home Restorations with Your Repair and Renovation Needs

Arlie's Home Restorations | Painting | Drywall | Seattle, Bellevue, Kent, Auburn, Federal Way WA

After sifting through magazines and pictures online, you’ve finally decided on what you want to do for your kitchen remodel. The next step you should take is securing your contractor with Arlie’s Home Restorations, located in Maple Valley, Washington.

Arlie’s is a full-service home improvement company that can take care of your dream kitchen remodel, but also offers handyman work in and around your house. If your home could use some touch ups but you don’t know what to do, Arlie’s can repair your home alleviating the stress on you and your family. Need some drywall repairs or an update to your roof? Arlie’s has you covered.

Transform your home from drab to fab

For more than 30 years, Arlie’s, a family owned and operated business, has been providing residents of the Puget Sound area superb craftsmanship and a dedication to customer service. They offer both knowledge and experience in a large variety of home improvement services. From small projects, to complete renovations and new home construction, Arlie’s can help with your new home construction or renovations, all at competitive prices.

Longtime customer Kelly from SeaTac has been using Arlie’s Home Restorations for 25 years for projects including building a house, roofing, roof repairs, drywall, cabinets and more. She said, “Arlie can do anything. He will tell you exactly what to expect before he starts the job. He is honest, professional, on time and does top-quality work.”

High-quality work with integrity

From small, quick fixes to larger-scales jobs, Arlie’s courteous crew has years of experience with all sizes of repairs and maintenance. The experienced crew at Arlie’s Home Restorations will work with you to keep your project goals on-schedule and on-budget.

Bill from Auburn used Arlie’s Home Restorations to fix moisture problems from leaking siding. “Arlie’s removed windows, resided portions of the house, fixed a roof leak, replaced the windows, repaired the drywall, painted and even put in a needed dryer vent. Everything was done for the agreed price and completed on time. He did a really nice job, cleaned up after, and stands behind his work. We are very happy with the results.”

When you need a trusted company to help with your painting, drywall, restoration, renovations, repairs, decks, cabinets, windows, doors and more home improvement projects, call Arlie’s Home Restorations.

Arlie’s is licensed, bonded and insured. Call today for your free estimate to get the help you need for home improvement services.

Responsible Contractors recommends Arlie’s Home Restorations as a verified, qualified, and reliable service. Click here to learn more about Arlie’s Home Restorations.



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