Home Tips: Prolong the Life of your Roof with Maintenance

Roof damage and leaks don’t get better with time, just more expensive.

To help prolong the life of your roof it’s important to invest in a professional who can provide frequent and safe roof maintenance and cleaning. A general inspection will determine if you have any missing, lifted or loose shingles, and inspect for mold, cracks or peeling.


If you roof shows signs of damage, contact Tony’s Roofcare immediately to speak to an expert and receive your commitment-free quote. Signs that may indicate a roof replacement is needed include: missing, cracked or curling shingles, leakage in the attic after heavy rains and even higher than usual energy bills.

The weather has the greatest impact on the quality of your roof. You should clean your gutters twice during the fall and winter and once in the summer. It’s also important to keep heavy snow off your eavesdrops and cleared out of ridge vents. Make any sure branches, leaves and other debris are cleared from the roof. If you choose to do this yourself, make sure it’s during a dry and sunny day and have someone with you to assist.

If your home has a cedar shake roof, you can lengthen the lifespan of the material with either pressure washing or air cleaning along with a chemical preservative. Tile roofs need to be kept clean of debris to keep them from leaking. Debris or moss can cause water to clog any metal flashing and possibly drive under tiles. Contact the experts at Tony’s Roofcare, who can properly provide this maintenance, helping your roof to last for more than 30 years.


Tony’s Roofcare has been serving the South King and Pierce County area since 1997. A family-owned and operated and fully licensed and insured company, Tony’s offers roof repair, cleaning and roof installation.



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Mac’s Wholesale Flooring Helps You Find the Perfect Fit

One of the easiest ways to update and overhaul the look and feel of your home are new floors. But choosing floors, which can be a part of your home for many years, can be a daunting task. Floors simply are not as simple or cheap to replace like a bad paint color or the wrong couch. Choosing the right color for your home is complicated enough, but add in the variety of material options and it’s easy to see how selecting floors can be a frustrating process.

macs flooring show room

Whether you are renovating or are interested in new floors, the experts at Mac’s Wholesale Flooring can help you choose the right flooring to meet your style and needs. Mac’s is a family-owned and operated business specializing in natural flooring products. They have the largest selection of hardwood flooring in Seattle, providing hardwood and other natural flooring products to local building contractors, businesses and homeowners.

For more than 25 years, Mac’s has been the leader in the local hardwood and flooring industry. Their showroom allows you the opportunity to see flooring in person and take samples back home to see how different options will look.

Tip: Before you head to their showroom, evaluate the spaces in your home that you want to update with new flooring. Think about your style, budget and factors that can potentially damage your floors such as pets or sharp furniture. Knowing this information before you walk in will allow you to narrow in on the materials and colors best suited for your home.

macs wholesale flooring

In addition to the traditional hardwood, carpet and linoleum options, Mac’s also offers materials gaining in popularity such as bamboo and cork.

Yes, bamboo is a type of grass but it is a strong natural surface that has many of the same properties of hardwood flooring. Bamboo flooring is pre-finished and engineered with tongue-and-groove joints, just like standard solid wood flooring. Bamboo is grown in controlled forests and takes just three to five years to reach maturity, as compared to most hardwood trees that can take up to 60 years to mature. (source)  Cork is used for more than just popping off a champagne bottle. Cork floors are made from the cork oak tree and has excellent thermal and acoustical qualities. It is beautiful, lightweight and warm to the touch. Cork is a popular option for kitchens and bathrooms because of its comfortable and natural, non-slip surface.  (source)

All products sold at Mac’s Wholesale Flooring are DIY friendly or can be professionally installed. They offer the highest-quality products at the best prices. Find your favorite floor styles and get expert tips at their showroom today.

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Olympic Blinds is Your Full-Service Window Treatment Experts


When I moved into my new house, I installed a unique door that connects from the kitchen to the back yard. It let in a lot of great natural lighting, but unfortunately, I forgot to consider window treatments. We spent far too many days without blinds on the door, giving all my backyard neighbors perfect access to see what I was cooking for dinner. It wasn’t until that moment that I truly appreciated a good set of blinds – for privacy, safety and energy efficiency.

Olympic Blinds are your local window-covering specialists you can count on for accurate, excellent advice. The Olympic Blinds advantage offers you full-service of design and installation for blinds, shades and window treatments with a unique, mobile service. Bringing the store to you, Olympic Blinds will show you samples and swatches of all window treatments including blinds, fabric and roman shades and plantation shutters. Trust the experts to be your consultants, design experts and professional installers.

Olympic Blinds is a family-owned business, founded by Brian Utley, and has grown into one of the region’s largest and longest-established full-service window treatment companies. Brian has more than 20 years of experience helping thousands of homeowners in South Puget Sound identify and invest in the window covering options that best meet their needs.

Window treatments don’t just add design and privacy features to your home, they can also help you be more energy efficient. Up to 50% of your home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost without proper window treatment materials and installation.

“Thank you for the work you did on my shutters and blinds at the Executive Mansion. The work is outstanding. The Sun Room is exactly what we hoped for: the Roman shades provided warmth to the room and the added color makes it a much more comfortable space for breakfast meetings, lunches and small dinners.” Christine O. Gregoire, former Governor of the State of Washington

“I would like to offer my best wishes and thanks for a great job and it was a pleasure to do business with Olympic Blinds. We had a sunroom added onto to our house and we needed some sunscreens and window tinting done for the heat problem we had. Now the sunroom is a lot more livable than before. We can see through the sunscreens to our backyard and watch the wildlife and new landscaping we just had installed. We will refer Olympic Blinds to all my neighbors and friends.” Yvonne

If you’re looking for an updated look or seeking more privacy, safety and energy efficiency, contact Olympic Blinds today for your complimentary in-home estimate.

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Safety First: Wood and Gas Burning Fireplaces


It may not be cold enough yet, but it’s time to make sure your fireplace is clean and in proper working order. By scheduling or performing a proper cleaning and inspection (and regardless of the type of fireplace you choose) you will support good air circulation and ventilation in your home.

Chimney Sweep

If you didn’t do this at the end of last burning season, make sure to get your chimney cleaned before you start burning. With a wood fireplace, sweeping the chimney and performing an annual inspection is the most important part of fireplace maintenance. If your chimney becomes coated with soot can it can potentially catch fire. This should be done by a certified professional as improperly cleaning the chimney and inhaling soot and dust can lead to health issues.

After every burn, always clean ash from the fireplace when it reaches the bottom of the grate. Wear a dust mask and gloves for safety.

Watch Your Smoke

Does your chimney produce black smoke? This could be a sign that you’re burning poor quality materials that are producing toxic gases and poor air quality in your home. You should only burn clean, seasoned wood, manufactured logs or non-glossy white paper.

Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Remember: Change your batteries and test that both alarms are working properly.

Gas Fireplaces Need Inspections Too

Many new homes are choosing gas fireplaces over traditional wood. They are virtually maintenance free, easy to turn on and off, reduce the risk of fire danger, while still producing heat and ambiance. However, gas fireplaces should also be inspected once a year despite its easy and clean burning nature.

Check the quality of your logs as faux logs can deteriorate and become less effective. Also check the inside and outside for residue and debris that needs to be cleaned out. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions. You should also carefully inspect the glass doors and frame for any chips or scratches that can become hazardous over time.

If you take proactive steps now, it will help keep your fire running clean and efficiently and keeping you warm all through the cold and rainy season.

All contractors on our site are licensed and bonded.

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3 Must-Dos to Get Your Home Ready for Rain


The rainy season in the Pacific Northwest is upon us. I know, already? While the temps are mild and the rain hasn’t completely ruined our sunny days yet, now is the best time to perform routine home maintenance to get your home ready for rain.

Gutter Maintenance

Clearing your gutters is a well-known maintenance tip to prevent clogging and ultimately mildew and mud. If your gutters are too heavy, they may also bend or break, rendering them completely ineffective. Gutters are necessary to every home in the PNW, so take the necessary steps now so that you can don’t pay a bigger price – due to damage – later.

Safely climb a latter and simply clean the leaves, dirt or other debris from the gutter. Check the downspout as this area will also clog. For more information on how to care for your gutters, read our detailed instructions here.

If climbing a latter isn’t your thing, or if you’d just prefer a professional ensure your gutters are clean and functioning properly, we can recommend a professional we trust to take care of your home, and prevent the rain from making an entrance. To see a list of contractors we recommend, visit us online at responsiblecontractors.com, or call us for a specific referral.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 3.33.53 PM


Thoroughly clean your windows by removing dirt and debris from the windowsills and especially in the tracks of sliding doors. Check the caulk and weather stripping for any gaps. Taking care of this now will make your windows more efficient and prevent cold air and rain from sneaking inside.

If you’re in an older home, or maybe you just want a new look, consider replacing windows with new energy efficient and high-quality ones. Contact a window and door expert in your area to get a professional opinion on your window needs.


Duct Cleaning

Air ducts and registers, motors and fans may become contaminated with particles of dust, pollen or other debris and become a source of indoor air pollution. Duct cleaning contractors offer a variety of services including cleaning, sealing and filter replacement. Some insulated air ducts that get wet may need to be replaced. Duct cleaning should be done by a professional if you suspect or see any visible mold growth. Don’t forget to change air filters regularly and keep up on dusting and vacuuming which will help minimize duct contamination.

Quick Tip: Consider having your duct work sealed if you have an older home. It will increase the efficiency of your heating system and decrease access for the creepy crawlers.

duct cleaning KF (1)

For more information about home maintenance, visit our website for a list of reliable contractors.

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Trust the Experts at Avatar Painting for Your Painting Projects

Anyone can paint their home, but to achieve professional and superior results, it takes a true craftsman.

Painting is a skilled profession and classic trade. Avatar Painting, Inc. aims to use science to produce high-quality and lasting final products. This philosophy, coupled with a strong work ethic and commitment to delivering on promises, gives Avatar Painting a keen advantage in both residential and commercial markets.

Jason Mobley, founder of Avatar Painting, Inc., is a highly-skilled tradesman with more than 20 years of experience. The crew at the company are also held to a standard of rigorous attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

By hiring a professional painter, you’re ensuring quality work done correctly and efficiently. Save yourself the time and money spent on tools and materials and allow the experts at Avatar Painting to transform a stale room or adjust to the changing trends you love to keep up with.

The experts at Avatar Painting will work with you to find the right color and product to meet your budget and timeline goals. They are experts beyond the skill of painting itself, and have knowledge that can only be earned with multiple years of experience. They answer two of their customer’s frequently asked questions below.

How often should my house be painted?

It depends. There are a lot of contributing factors that determine how long paint lasts. Poorly prepared surfaces will crack and peel. Darker colors will fade. Older wood will not hold paint like new wood. Fading, peeling, cracking are signs it’s time to paint. A fresh coat of paint adds new beauty and preserves the life of your home.

What usually causes a coating to fail?

The most frequent causes for premature paint failures are due to proper surface preparation – cleaning, caulking, priming; not applying enough paint; using an improper coating; not applying the product as directed; or environmental conditions.

Style Tip: According to Elle Décor, sophisticated hues such as dusky blues, earthy greens and taupes, are leading the latest trends in paint color.


(source: ElleDecor.com)

Style Tip: A fresh coat of neutral paint can also help attract buyers if your home is on the market. Stay away from trendy colors and update the kid’s room from hot pink to a neutral shade to allow the potential buyers to envision themselves in that house, not customized to the current owner.

The crew at Avatar Paining take great pride in their work and ensure that each customer is exceptionally pleased with the final product. Take their word for it with the detailed testimonials below. 

“Jason of Avatar Painting did a truly amazing work with the remodel of my 80 year-old home. Jason offered best practices and suggested various improvements or arrangements that not only added significant value to my home, but also saved me on overall costs. He gave an honest up-front assessment of how much work the project would actually be. I always felt well informed about the progress of the overall job and the costs incurred. Jason’s knowledge and experience were evident in every task. His suggestions were tasteful, appropriate and practical. I really appreciated the way he showed a personal interest in my project. I am very satisfied with the results of their work, the respect with which I was treated, and the fairness of the contract terms. I highly recommend Avatar Painting, without reservation.” – T. Guns

“We are writing this letter of appreciation and recommendation regarding the recent large painting project on our 100 year old craftsman home. This large project was expeditiously designed, bid and completed by Jason while allowing us to continue to use our home as he worked. . . The finished product shows his true mastery of his trade. It is clear to anyone who knew our home before and sees the changes that his workmanship has added both monetary and aesthetic value to this home we treasure. He treated our home as though it were his own. We give him our unqualified endorsement as a talented and dedicated master of his trade who delivers fair value and an unusual work ethic to any project he is commissioned to complete. We look forward to doing more work in the future as we undertake the next remodeling project.” – H. F. Davis

To get started on your painting project, contact Avatar Painting.


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Let your Kitchen and Bathrooms to Make a One-of-a-Kind Statement with Countertop Solutions


Besides flooring, countertops and cabinets are the most used surfaces in your home. From kitchens to bathrooms, it’s important to have quality material and installation that will stand up to the daily wear and tear and any nicks and scratches.

Whatever your countertop and cabinetry project, from new construction to home improvement, Countertop Solutions has your solution. Serving the Tacoma area for more than 20 years, they are your local countertop fabrication and installation company. Countertop Solutions are solid surface specialists and offer quality custom design cabinetry. The expert crew at Countertop Solutions will help you pick the right material from their virtually endless possibilities of style for your home décor preference and budget.

1. quartz countertops

Countertop Solutions is proud to offer 10 to 15-year warranties, ensuring quality and customer care.

As a fabrication and installer of solid surface products, Countertop Solutions can help you completely customize your kitchen and bathroom. When you customize, you can do so much more with exciting features and accessories such as built-in drainboards, towel bars, toothbrush holders, light switches, outlet covers and more.

“Thank you so much! The countertop is beautiful! Your guys did a wonderful job-perfection & quality. I love the white on white, it looks so crisp & clean. Thanks for making my bathroom looking fresh and updated. You should be very proud of your business-its quality all the way.” – R & P, Tacoma


Did you know?

In today’s modern homes, you’re likely to see granite or laminate materials. Both materials are more affordable than solid surface, like quartz, or concrete countertops. Unlike granite, quartz does not require sealing, making this high-end option easy to maintain. When the time comes, they can be easily refinished to remove cuts and scratches, thus keeping a beautiful appearance for many years.

Contact Countertop Solutions to get the counters and cabinetry of your dreams.

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