Set Your Business Apart with a Custom Countertop


Is your business ready for a facelift? When your customers walk through your door, you want them to be greeted with a welcoming space that is comfortable and inviting. Fresh paint, new art, and luxurious fabrics will brighten up a room, but if you want to make your business really stand out, consider the materials you’re using for your tables, countertops, and food service areas. The experts at Lakewood Countertops have a few ideas to help make any business functional and beautiful. 

Reception Desks

photo-1556741533-6e6a62bd8b49Like it or not, people do judge books by their covers. When a customer walks into your business, they form opinions about your business based on their surroundings. A reception space is a great way to introduce them to your company through design details. A custom reception desk functions as a place for customers to go when they enter as well as a work of art that will be pleasing to their eye. A solid surface countertop with custom engraving and LED lighting can bring to life your design or logo. Solid surface products are non-porous low-maintenance materials used for a variety of surfaces and often mimic the appearance of granite, marble, stone, and other naturally occurring materials, making them more versatile than other stone materials. 


photo-1512919586724-ae82d9fc1f19If you’re in the food service industry, you know that your dining room and customer facing areas have to be both easy to clean and pleasant to view. A solid surface countertop is a popular choice in the restaurant industry, because it is durable, nonporous, stain-resistant, and a breeze to clean. It can also be formed to any shape without seams, making it even more hygienic – no food can get trapped in the seams like with regular tile. 

Any Type of Business

There are so many ways that a custom countertop can enhance your business. Acrylic, quartz, and granite have a wide variety of uses: hospital work surfaces, bank countertops, displays, conference tables, interior signage, and even store fixtures. 

Ready to give your business a facelift? Contact Lakewood Countertops today to discuss your needs. Lakewood Countertops has a large selection of solid surface, quartz, and granite products. Whatever your project, from new construction to home improvement to a total remodeling job, Lakewood Countertops has the answer. With over 20 years of experience, they are experts in commercial and residential projects. Consult with Lakewood Countertops for even more ideas, and let their professional knowledge guide you on how to achieve your design goals for your business. 


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Upgrade Your Backyard with a Concrete Patio This Spring


As winter draws to a close, you might consider changing up your backyard this spring. A great way to rejuvenate a yard and add value to your home is to add a concrete patio. Why concrete? The professionals at Concrete Impressions from Graham, WA have shared a few of the reasons why concrete is the perfect addition to make your backyard beautiful.

Design and Style

One of the greatest benefits of using concrete for your patio or deck is the versatility in design. Wood patios can only really look like wood, and the only way to add color is through a stain. Concrete can come in a variety of colors and designs, from stamps to faux brick to curvy borders. It can also be formed into any shape, turning a rectangle patio into an elevated curved retreat space. The design opportunities for concrete are endless and professionals like those at Concrete Impressions can help you design a deck that accentuates and adds value to your home.


Maintenance and Upkeep

Concrete has a major upside to its maintenance compared to wood decks too. Although both require sealing and regular maintenance, the process of sealing a concrete patio is much simpler, saving you time and money. Sealant on a concrete patio should be applied every 2-3 years, but a wood deck requires annual sealing and needs to be checked regularly for broken boards, loose nails, and mildew. For more information on concrete deck maintenance, check out these tips from Concrete Impressions on their website.

Installation and Cost

The cost to install a wood deck is also higher than the cost to install a concrete deck, even with designs added. According to, a concrete patio costs about $5 per square foot on average (not including designs or color) compared to $25 per square foot on average for a wood deck.

Professional Installation

As with most home improvement projects, a professional can help guide you to make decisions that will increase the value of your home and be enjoyed for years to come. With a concrete patio, it can be especially worthwhile to invest in professional help. Experts like those at Concrete Impressions can not only install your patio efficiently, but they can also add more aesthetically pleasing details that tie your yard together, such as intricate designs or stamped concrete.

If you’re excited to give your backyard a face lift and ready to start designing your new deck, contact Concrete Impressions today. A family owned and operated business, Concrete Impressions has over 19 years of experience and hands-on staff. They are not just limited to decks or patios – they also have replaced driveways, added sidewalks, and built retaining walls. With their experience and service, you will enjoy your new deck for many years to come.

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Diesel is as Powerful as Ever – Here’s How It Can Help Your Business


Your time is valuable, especially to your business. If your company utilizes diesel vehicles, then you know how efficient diesel can be. Diesel fuel can reach up to 40 percent efficiency, while gas can only reach around 20 percent, wasting energy through friction and noise. The world of diesel fuel is also constantly evolving with new technology. It can be hard to navigate which types of diesel engines or diesel repairs are needed for your business. Fortunately, local companies like H&H Diesel Repair can help you keep your business on track with their knowledge, experience, and supportive services.

If your business is not using diesel, it may be beneficial for you to make the switch. There are many benefits to diesel vehicles, including:

  • The ability to start up right away – modern diesel cars and trucks can instantly start and do not need to warm up.
  • Most diesel engines are estimated to get at least 45 miles per gallon on the highway.
  • A diesel vehicle can last a long time on one tank of gas – anywhere from 400 to 800 miles.


In a diesel engine, fuel is injected directly into the compressor, unlike a gas engine where air and fuel are mixed before they are compressed. The injector must withstand high temperatures and intense pressure, and can be located in various places in different engines.

The complexity of a diesel engine requires knowledgeable professionals who are familiar with the latest technology for repairs and service. The professionals at H&H Diesel Repair are experts on several different types of fuel injectors, and service many different types of vehicles, from diesel powered pickups, RV’s, medium duty trucks to class 8 road tractors. As a leader in modern diesel fuel injection systems, H&H Diesel Repair continues to invest in a comprehensive suite of test technology, tools, training, and certifications to support their customer’s common rail needs.

If your diesel vehicle needs service or repairs, contact the experts at H&H Diesel Repair. Established in 1964, H&H Diesel Repair has extensive experience providing repair and reconditioning of diesel injection pumps and diesel fuel Injectors. At their fully equipped shop in Fife, Washington, their full service and diagnostic bays will save you time with prompt and efficient repairs.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Home Buyers

New year, new house.

Are you ready to make this the year you upgrade to your forever home, or are you a first-time home buyer looking for a starter home? Then this is for you.

If you’re in the buying and selling market, here are your best New Year’s Resolutions.


Save for your down payment

Saving money and other financial goals are always the top of everyone’s list. But if you’re looking to buy, start getting serious about cash on hand for a down payment. Add a little extra from each paycheck in a separate savings account. Look for additional income sources like getting rid of excess clutter with a yard sale or scaling back on purchases (look at what you’re spending on coffee runs or monthly subscription services). By the end of the year you can have healthier financial fitness putting you in better shape as a potential buyer.

Build stronger credit

You must have a good credit score to be approved for most home loans, so don’t overlook the steps you can take each month to beef up your number. Make your payments on time, every time, don’t spend more on credit cards than you can pay off at the end of each month, and keep an eye on your debt-to-income ratio by avoiding a major purchase like a new car. There are many examples of buyers being pre-approved who then purchase a car or motorcycle and when they go in for the loan, they’re not qualified for that amount anymore.

Do your research

Once you know where you want to live and what kind of home you’re looking for, you’ll be a better home buyer. Equipped with the right information and knowing what works for your family will help you find a home faster than a buyer not sure what they want. Drive around neighborhoods or look online regularly for new houses available. Make lists of what you like and don’t like, what is a must-have and what’s a negotiable.

When you’re ready make sure to browse our list of certified contractors for each step along the way from inspections to remodeling to landscaping.

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Bright Ideas for a New Year with Kanon Electric


Kanon Electric Inc.offers a comprehensive range of electrical services including installation, upgrade, and repair solutions to meet the needs of their clients. With the holiday season behind us and spring just around the corner, they have a few tips to help you upkeep or upgrade your electrical services.


Safety First

Kanon Electric offers several services to ensure that your home is safe, including a Whole House Safety Inspection. Their top suggestions on what to look out for are faulty wiring, loose connections, improper shielding, and grounding. Kanon Electric can also install smoke detectors and emergency generators for your family in case of an emergency. Choosing a qualified, certified, licensed and bonded electrician such as Kanon Electric, is very important to keep you safe.

Light Up Your New Year

A new year is a great time for a new beginning, especially for your home. Fireworks might brighten up the night sky, but new lighting by Kanon Electric can transform the inside of your home. In your kitchen, you can consider adding Under Cabinet Lighting or Recessed Lights to brighten up your workspaces. Additional lighting in your living room or a new ceiling fan in your bedroom can create a more comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for your whole family. Kanon Electric can help you with all of these lighting projects and more.

Head Outdoors

Your backyard is an often overlooked entertaining or living area that can reach its full potential with the help of Kanon Electric. Landscape lighting can change the entire look of your house and yard, and a hot tub circuit can help you get your space ready for relaxation. The new year is a great time to start these projects so that you are ready to enjoy them in the spring.

Commercial Electrical

Business owners should also consider a few electrical projects for the new year. Kanon’s most common commercial projects include everything from security lighting to cubicle hookups. If you have an electrial problem that’s impacting your business, be sure to contact a professional like Kanon Electric. Their troubleshooting can save you time and money.

Kanon Electric prides itself on quality and professionalism as the are cornerstones of their business. Their goal is to complete electrical jobs and projects in a timely manner whether they are small or large, residential, commercial or industrial. For more information or to contact them about a new year project, visit their website at

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Classically bold: Ways to use the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year at home


The Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue (19-4052). This color instills calm, confidence and connection, according to the Pantone Color Institute. “This enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”


Blue is often chosen as a graphic color for banks, hospitals, travel or other institutions where trust is a paramount experience for their customers. It’s elegant, simplistic and reflective. It’s also unsurprising, found on soda cans, cars, your favorite sweater. The Color of the Year will soon be walking down fashion runways and hitting the shelves for all things home design. If you want to explore colors outside of beige, taupe and grey, blue is a safe pop to start.


For paint, the opportunities are endless. A beginner can use this simple, Naval color in a simple manner; paint the front door or a bedroom wall, a place where we seek more peaceful and tranquil moments than a bustling and energetic kitchen and family room.

But it can also evoke a glamorous look that can deliver both peacefulness and energy to a space.

architectual digest

Think beyond walls and doors and take Classic Blue to your furniture like a statement couch or classically rich navy and gold cabinets and drawers.


If you’re ready to dip your toes into the tranquil sea color, contact Avatar Painting to be your professional painter.



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Quartz or granite? Tips to help you choose the best option


If you’re planning a renovation project for your kitchen you have many options to choose from for cabinets, floors, hardware, appliances and countertops. Choosing the right countertop material and color is important because it is a financial and timely interest. Your countertops should last you for many years without needed to be replaced due to daily wear and tear. Choosing a classic style that will stand the test of time and trends is important if you are committing to this home for years to come or want the best home sale value.

The most popular materials are granite and quartz. Granite is an all-natural stone sown into slabs and quartz is made from crushed quartz stone mixed with pigments for different coloring. Aesthetically, both materials can look the same but with quartz there are more options to customize countertops by adding in color pigments during the design process. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there is no right or wrong option but be advised to choose and color that complements your cabinets, backsplash and even hardwood floors.

Quartz color options vary between concrete grey, intense white, terracotta, jet black and everything in between. Granite can also vary based on the way it’s naturally formed, and you can choose an eye-catching slab that is different from any other piece.

[Source: variety of quartz colors]

The appearance is the first thing anyone will notice when walking into your kitchen, but the durability, maintenance and longevity of the material is what matters most to the homeowner. Both materials are strong, but quartz has a slight edge with being more flexible and less likely to chip or crack. Quartz also does not require any sealant product because is non-porous, however, granite only need to be re-sealed once a year. Granite is less sensitive to heat than quartz that can be damaged by hot dishes and pans.

If you’re looking for options that are better for the environment, quartz has the edge on being more environmentally friendly as it is engineered and not mined.

Choosing between quartz and granite can seem like a complicated decision. But they both are similar benefits and the negatives shouldn’t be a major part decision-making process. Start with your budget first, then look for the color/pattern you’d like best.

hgtv granite

(Source: kitchen with granite coutertops)

Whatever your project, Lakewood Countertops has the answer. Since 1972, they have been your local countertop fabrication and installation company. Their extensive showroom and portfolio can help you narrow down your options and find the best choice for your project.

“Thank you so much! The countertop is beautiful! Your guys did a wonderful job-perfection & quality. I love the White on White, it looks so crisp & clean. Thanks for making my bathroom looking fresh and updated. You should be very proud of your business-its quality all the way.” R & P, Tacoma WA

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Is your home ready for guests? Tips from a handyman


It might be tempting to try tackling a few home renovation projects before your next holiday party or family get-together, but not every DIY is an easy fix. Local professional “Super Handyman” Lee Warren can make your holidays brighter with his expert repair and maintenance knowledge. Here are a few tips to get your home holiday ready from Lee Warren.

1. Finally Fix It
That broken sink or door that won’t close? Now is the perfect time to get it fixed.
With all the holiday visitors and entertaining in your home, make sure your space is
comfortable for them. You might be willing to take a cold shower or always wiggle a
knob, but chances are your guests won’t. Focus on the high-traffic areas that will get the
most use this season and prioritize those projects.

2. Pretty as a Present
The gifts under the tree shouldn’t be the only pretty packages. Hire a handyman
to fix a fence or paint the walls. A simple update can make a big difference in the
aesthetics of your home. And you don’t even have to wait until December 25 to enjoy
that present!

3. Don’t Rely on DIY
Sometimes our DIY projects don’t turn out like we thought they would. Make sure
you know your limits and when to hire a handyman for a project. It’s especially
important to leave the electrical or plumbing projects up to a professional. A handyman
can also make your holiday easier by helping with any projects you can’t do by yourself –
such as heavy lifting or installing new lighting.


If a holiday project is on your wish-list, hire a professional like the Super Handyman, Lee
Warren. He has the knowledge, skill, and experience to take on any project. Located in
Lakewood, WA, Lee Warren can do it all – painting, drywall repair, remodeling, minor
plumbing or electrical work, household carpentry, sheet-rock, pressure washing, fence
repair, and gutter cleaning. Give Lee a call today at 253-691-2406.

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Thinking of a new roof? See if metal is right for you

If all you want for Christmas is energy savings, easy snow removal, and a great looking roof, then here’s a gift idea for you – a metal roof. Metal roofs have many amazing benefits, but they are especially helpful in the winter season. Santa may not bring you a metal roof in his sleigh, but the experts at Exterior Metals, Inc., are ready to help you today. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider installing a metal roof.

Energy Savings

Metal roofs can be a big and unexpected energy saver. If you choose metal roofing materials, you can save up to 40 percent in home energy costs. In winter, metal roofs also provide great insulation and heat savings. Why are metal roofs so efficient? The different finishes of a metal roof will reflect the sun, unlike an asphalt roof that will absorb it.

Snow and Ice

When a metal roof reflects the sun’s rays, it also helps melt snow and ice. With a metal roof, snow and ice can slide off your roof instead of creating dangerous ice dams. The durability of a metal roof also means it will last longer against the harsh winter elements. Snow guards can also help your metal roof shed snow more efficiently.

Winter Roof Replacement

Snow and ice can do a lot of damage to roofs during winter, and a metal roof is a great emergency replacement option. Other roof types are much more difficult to install but a metal roof is lighter and doesn’t require additional reinforcement, making it a great mid-winter option for quick installation.

For an expert roof installation and friendly service, contact Exterior Metals for your metal roof today. Since 1990, Exterior Metals have specialized in all phases of exterior sheet metal work including metal roof systems, flashing, fabrication, and installation work on commercial and residential projects. They are committed to providing services and projects in a timely manner with outstanding quality. They also have a complete custom sheet metal shop with expertise in fabricating copper, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized and pre-painted steel products. Learn more about them on their website,

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Prep your yard for winter with help from Lloyd Enterprises


Winter is almost here, so if you haven’t thought about ways to prep your yard, here are our some ideas to get your started. Property managers and homeowners alike can face many challenges winterizing their yards this time of year. Fortunately, the experts at Lloyd Enterprises have a few tips to get your property ready and keep it in top condition all winter long.


Mulch ado about weather

During winter, mulch is your garden’s best friend. It protects your plants from snow, winds, and frost. A thick layer of mulch also shields the ground from the sun, keeping it frozen, and keeps new plants from growing. The mulch should be removed once there are no more freezing temperatures in the spring.

What’s in a stone?

Once the trees are bare and plants have wilted, the harder elements of your property’s landscape are on display. Winter is the perfect time to look at these elements and decide what needs to be added for visual interest or utility, and what needs to be taken away. Lloyd Enterprises has a variety of stone, gravel, and decorative rock that can be used to create paths or visual interest in a landscape.

Holly for the holidays

If you miss the bold flowers of spring or the warm foliage of fall, colorful landscape can be achieved in winter using evergreens and berries. Evergreens such as cypress, fir, and spruce give color and texture throughout the winter. Cranberries or snow berry add extra color to brighten up an otherwise empty garden.

If you need help getting your property ready for winter, contact Lloyd Enterprises. With a fleet of state-of-the-art equipment to accommodate all forms of heavy construction and site work, Lloyd Enterprises specializes in landscaping materials, earthwork, and more.

For the do-it-yourselfer, Lloyd Enterprises carries a complete line of landscape materials and supplies, including bark mulch and topsoil. You can even calculate the amount of materials needed for your project using their website calculator. Visit their website to learn more.

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