Enjoy Clean, Pure Water with Mountain View Pumps & Filtration Inc.


Water is one of the most important substances on earth and a critical every day part of our lives. But not just any water is acceptable. It needs to be properly filtered so that it is safe, clean and pleasant tasting. Water filtration and pumps ensure that the water you’re getting from your tap is clean and suitable for drinking and household tasks. If you have any concerns about the quality of your water supply, or any possible contamination, you need a company you can trust.

Mountain View Pumps & Filtration, Inc. has the experience and services needed to diagnose failing equipment, and repair and install new systems that will ensure the highest quality water in your home. Based in Eatonville, this Puget Sound area company offers a comprehensive list of services including well cleaning, pressure tanks installation, electrical control boxes and pressure switches replacement, water quality and well flow testing, and annual preventive maintenance.


Debra in Graham called on Mountain View for an entire new water filtration and pump system. “The price was very fair, but more importantly, I was very comfortable having them in my home. They were very personable and easy to work with,” she said.

Quick Tip: Regular maintenance is key to healthy water and a healthy water pump and filtration system. Change your filters as recommended. Don’t wait till your water changes in taste or color.

How to diagnose bad water

We go to the doctor when we fell ill, similarly there are symptoms associated with “sick” water. Signs to look for of poor-quality water include white build-up on faucets and shower heads, which indicate calcium carbonate which produces hard water.

If you see orange, rust color staining in toilets, showers, bathtubs, the dishwater and even your laundry water, you likely have too much iron in your water. Installing a backwashing filter will eliminate odor, sediment and staining. If you smell a distasteful odor of rotten eggs, the problem is hydrogen sulfide. You may need a backwashing filter or chemical injection to deliver water treatment chemicals such as chlorine for disinfection.

Mountain View Pumps & Filtration will help you find the right water softening and filtration systems for your needs and will expertly install them, giving you worry-free water.


If you have concerns about the quality of your water or are in need a new pump and filtration system, contact Mountain View Pumps & Filtration.  The experts ensure quality water treatment for clean, pure water from every faucet.

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How to find a qualified pest control and inspection company



As a homeowner you can control and prevent many pest issues with consistent maintenance and proper sanitation. But when the pests get out of control or you need an extensive inspection if you are buying or selling a home, finding a qualified contractor is incredibly important. The right pest control and inspection company can help you save money and avoid major damage caused by pests.

If you have a pest control problem that you do not want to handle on your own, you may decide to turn to a professional applicator. How can you be sure that the pest control company you hire will do a good job?

Costs and competency are important. When selecting a pest control service, cost should not be the only factor that determines the company you pick.  It is important to make sure the pest control company you choose is competent. If pesticides are misused, both health and property can be damaged. The State of Washington requires all home and pests inspection companies to be licensed, bonded and insured. Click here to check if someone is licensed as a home inspector.

It’s important to know if the house you are selling or buying has an infestation of pests that can cost you thousands of dollars in damages and repairs, such as carpenter ants, termites and wood boring beetles. If your home needs to be treated for pests, ensure proper safety and security of children and pets, and follow these guidelines:

  • If the service person asks you to remove personal items from the floor, empty kitchen cabinets and remove pets, make sure you have done this before they arrive.
  • Do not allow children or pets into treated areas until the pesticide spray has dried.
  • Aquariums should be removed from the treatment site or covered with heavy plastic and the air pump turned off.
  • Remove all other household pets from the treatment area

For more information about safety and health concerns regarding pesticides, visit the Environmental Protection Agency website.

All companies listed on Responsible Contractors have been verified.


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Thinking outside: Possibilities are endless with Cedar County Landscaping

Now is the time to begin thinking about your landscaping ambition as warmer and drier weather is right around the corner (we promise, it’ll be here before you know it). Your ideas for backyard maintenance or renovations can come to life when you hire a qualified contractor like Cedar County Landscaping.

Just like hiring an interior designer to help bring out the best of the inside of your home, a professional landscaper will create a design that increases the value of the property and brings serene beauty to your surroundings.  A landscaper works with you to create the outdoor spaces best suited for your property, budget and utility. They acquire the materials, help you choose the right plants for your area, oversee project management and keep you on time and on budget.

Cedar County Landscaping work with each property owner to help them achieve their own unique ideas to create a beautiful sanctuary throughout the outdoor space. Their expertise can transform any backyard into a treasured retreat.


Cedar County Landscaping completely transformed this home’s foliage into a clean and beautiful brick walkway and flower garden.

Services they provide include quality landscape construction, landscaping plants, trees and flowers, water features, patios, walkways, outdoor lighting, and timely and clean lawn service and maintenance.


The pros at Cedar County Landscaping work with you from the very beginning of your landscaping vision. Whether you know what you want or if you’re just looking for someone to manage the entire project, they guarantee you will be pleased with the final project each step of the way. They perform a site analysis, needs assessment, and present you with new landscape design possibilities. They complete each project with great workmanship and quality materials and plants. When your project is finished, Cedar County Landscaping can also continue to provide maintenance to ensure your new landscaping continues to look good as new.


The final project added tremendous curb appeal to this home with stunning, sleek and easy-to-maintain landscaping. 

Visit Cedar County Landscaping’s blog to see their extensive portfolio and get inspiration for your own project.

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Properly care for your wood fence and avoid expensive damage and rot


(source: Deuce Cities Hen House designed a unique horizontal picketed wood fence)

A quality, well installed fence can increase your property value; a poor one can do just the opposite. A wood fence can be a beautiful way to define a home’s property border while providing safety and security for kids and pets. Wood fences come in all heights, colors, materials and unique designs.

Damage is caused by the elements and lack of proper care

Overtime, wood can rot, creating an expensive and timely overhaul. But with a little bit of maintenance and care, you can preserve the longevity of your wood fence. Dry rot and wet rot pose the greatest threats to a wood fence. Dry rot occurs when protective oils  on the wood surface fade, losing their efficacy, which causes the wood to become brittle. Wet rot occurs when moisture continually comes into contact with the wood, typically seen in sections where fence posts meet the ground soil. Decay and rot also occur when insects take over a section of wood and continue to spread.

archterra landscape services

Custom wood fence build by Archterra Landscape Services in Edgewood, WA.

Protect your investment and keep your fence strong and attractive for many years

Apply a protectant and stain over the surface of the wood to create an effective barrier against moisture. It’s recommended to reapply the stain annually to maintain an effective moisture barrier. A simple test you can do to learn if you need to reapply a protectant and stain is by sprinkling water over the wood surface and if water beads on top of the surface, and does not penetrate the wood, the barrier is still effective. However, if the wood absorbs the water, this is your sign to apply more stain.

Before you paint and stain your fence, treat it with a borate spray to stop termites and carpenter ants before they can start any damage. Carpenter ants will leave evidence of wood shavings and holes in the fence. If you suspect you have insect damage, spraying the holes with an insect killer will stop the infestation from spreading and further destroying the wood. To avoid termites, use wood that is pressure treated or wood species that are naturally termite resistant, such as cedar and redwood.

Keeping your fence clean from dirt, mud and other debris will preserve the health of your fence. If you allow debris to accumulate on the wood it may also attract insect infestations which will destroy the wood.

contreras renovations

Gazebo and wood and metal fence built by Contreras Renovations in western Washington. 

Build a fence from the ground up

So you want to build a fence but have no idea where to start. Consider the type of material you select for a fence will affect how the fence withstands environmental factors. If you want less maintenance, vinyl and metal are alternative materials to wood.  When you’re deciding to build a fence on your home’s property, consider the purpose of your fence and what is most important from privacy, aesthetics, and securing animals.

A reliable contractor makes the difference

Whether you need a new fence, or an existing fence repaired, selecting a competent fence contractor can ensure you have a properly installed fence. Ask about installation guarantees, fencing product warranties, and review portfolios and testimonials before selecting your contractor.

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2018 Stone and Tile Trends for Your Home

Are you ready to update old tile or stone but not sure where to start? The latest stone and tile trends will refresh your space, giving you a more relaxing and aesthetically pleasing bathroom and kitchen. If you’re putting your home on the market, making these updates will also increase the value of your home and appeal to buyers who want to move past the boring, tired trends.

There are several applications for tile and stone including showers and tub surroundings, countertops, backsplashes, bathroom, kitchen and laundry room floors. Whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen remodel, renovation, upgrade or repair, choosing a contractor experienced with tile and stone can insure their proper installation.

Matte finishes are a gorgeous alternative to glossy tiles. They do not show smudges and water marks as easily as glossy tiles and are less slippery when wet.  The downside to matte tile is that they don’t reflect a lot of light to brighten a space so they should be in a bathroom with plenty of natural lighting.

at matte tile

(source: apartmenttherapy.com)

Quick Tip: What’s behind your tile and stone is important. Make sure the right wallboard or underlayment is used and that showers and tubs are properly waterproofed.

Nude neutrals like beige, grey and cream are here to stay. If you want a pop of color consider a bright piece of artwork, floor rugs or décor towels. Just because you’re sticking to neutral tones doesn’t mean the bathroom has to be one-dimensional. Layer in different shades, patterns and textures.


(source: mydomaine.com)

This unique bathroom combines neutral trends with geometric shapes and patterns. The simplicity of the white walls gives a clean look that doesn’t have to be boring when combined with tile that offers an artful accent.

Throwback to terrazzo

The saying, “everything old is new again” applies frequently to the world of fashion and design trends. Terrazzo was a popular material found in mid-century homes and made a comeback in the 1970s. Today it’s yet again making a comeback. Terrazzo is a budget-friendly material composed of marble or granite chips in concrete to give it a smooth surface. It can be used in the kitchen and bathroom as flooring, tile or countertops.


(source: northstone italia)


(source: pinterest.com)

Related: Let your kitchen and bathrooms make a one-of-a-kind statement with Countertop Solutions  

Our list of verified and insured contractors will help you hire a trusted professional who will work with you on design and installation.  Visit our directory site stone and tile contractors’ contact information.


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Avoid this Costly Mistake During the Winter Months


Valley Furnace makes your comfort their priority.

Recently I opened my electricity and heating bill and was aghast at the amount. It was more than double December’s bill. I’m smart about saving costs on heat by keeping the house at a cozy 67-68 degrees and I am a big believer in socks and warm layers. I turn lights off when I leave the room, I run my dishwasher only when it’s full, and my windows and appliances are new and environmentally friendly. So what happened? And how can I make sure to avoid this issue again?

When the temperature dropped below freezing after it rained, my outdoor heat pump froze over and my emergency heat setting automatically turned on to keep heating my home. It was the emergency heat setting that drove my electricity usage up and thus a bigger check I had to write.

As the name implies, the emergency heat setting on the thermostat kicks in only when the outdoor heat pump is not working properly. This feature locks out the heat pump and allows the backup heating source to provide 100 percent of the home’s heating requirements.


(source: wrecc.com) 

I learned that during the winter months, I should make a habit out inspecting the outdoor heat pump. According to the experts at Valley Furnace, Inc. your heat pump can build up frost even when the outdoor temperature is above freezing. This is a normal event and you should not be concerned, however within 1 to 2 hours your heat pump should go through a defrost cycle. If you have a large buildup of ice for several days (like I did), contact an HVAC professional at Valley Furnace immediately to avoid serious damage or a sky-high bill. Never pick the ice off with a sharp object as the refrigerant coils can easily be damaged.

Heat Pump Maintenance Saves Money

  • Replace dirty filters and check the air filter for any clogging or damage
  • Inspect indoor air vents and registers and remove any boxes, furniture, clothing or other items blocking them and restricting air floor
  • Keep the area clear and clean off leaves, grass, sticks, snow, dirt or other material that could interfere with the unit’s airflow or block the coils.
  • Take a look at your gutters and make sure they aren’t dripping or leaking onto the outside unit.

For more answers to common heating and cooling questions, visit Valley Furnace’s webpage here.

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Not just for garden tools: Millworks Custom Sheds take on a new identity

Millworks Custom Cedar Sheds

Millworks Custom Cedar Sheds

When it comes to sheds, its time to think outside the box.

Sheds are no longer created just to be a storage space in your backyard. Today, sheds are creative home offices, tiny guest houses, or even a quiet place to sneak away to and have relaxing time. Millworks Custom Sheds can help you design your dream shed, whether you’re using it for a creative purpose or just that extra storage for garden supplies.

she-shed-1 (1)



Millworks Custom Sheds bring your unique ideas to life. Each project is an original work of art, so your imagination is the only limit. Their storage sheds, playhouses, garden sheds, greenhouses, chicken coops, tree houses, dog houses, play systems, and tea houses are pieces of art.

Their custom lumber is milled by a local milling operation and trees are taken from locally sustainable forest operations or from trees removed because they pose a danger to property. They use recycled materials to create our sheds whenever possible so if you have old windows or doors hanging out in the garage, dig them out and give them a new life.


“We love the playhouse/lookout you built for our grandchildren. I cannot get over the construction and the quality of the materials you used (I guess it makes a difference when you produce it yourself). It is unlike any other product I have seen on the market. It is certainly the “leader of the market.” Marshall, Fox Island

“We were lucky to find Dan Britton and his company Millworks Custom Buildings. First, Dan is a really nice person. Dan is also very flexible and patient when it comes to listening to you so that you get exactly what you want. Our family was so happy with the playhouse from beginning to end that we’ve hired Dan twice. It really does not get any better than Dan Britton and his company.” The Locke Family of Carnation, WA

If you’re looking to add a fun new space to your backyard, call Millworks Custom Buildings today to get started.


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