Diagnose and repair boat issues with HJB Marine


Every boat owner takes pride in keeping their boat in pristine shape. They are familiar and responsible with the components and mechanisms of the boat. Most can diagnose and repair and diagnose the most common problems. And they know that inspecting and cleaning are the two best tips to prevent issues that lead to boating breakdowns.

The mechanisms to regularly inspect and clean include (but not limited to): the drive belt, the impeller, wiring, components of the ignition system, fluid and gear oil, and mechanical systems.

But when the boat starts making a funny noise you can’t figure out or has a steering issue you can’t tweak, that’s when you call in the expert.  HJB Marine offers high-quality service with unmatched value and dependability to the boat repair industry. They include sales, parts, service, and installation of marine electrical equipment. HUB Marine is dedicated to diagnosing and fixing your boat’s mechanical or electrical issues.

Diagnosing problems with the boat engine is performed by plugging a processor into the engine control unit, and valuable information about the engine is communicated back to the technician. This process determines the engine’s model number, serial number, engine hours, temperature profile, and fault codes. When diagnosing or repairing an engine, it is essential to know and understand its history, current issues, and learn about the overall condition of the engine.


HJB Marine, based in Tacoma, is owned and operated by Hugo Beutel. Hugo has more than 20 years of experience in the marine and yachting industry. He began his career in the yachting industry on the east coast as chief engineer on 100 ft to 140 ft private and charter vessels, then relocated to the Pacific Northwest to build custom boats.

In 2001, Hugo started Tacoma Cats, a company that specializes in catamaran construction in both sail and powerboats. In 2006, Tacoma Cats became part of HJB Marine. The Tacoma Cat 39 is an affordable catamaran with beautiful lines and is lightweight by design, structured with safety and ease of maintenance in mind. If you’re interested in a beautiful, affordable, lightweight and spacious Tacoma Cat, contact HJB Marine.

For any problems of concerns with your boat, contact Hugo at HJB Marine.

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Blue Line Water is at the top of the water treatment industry


Blue Line Water located in Puyallup, WA, designs water treatment solutions for both commercial and residential clients. They service water treatment equipment and pump systems, whether installed by them or another company. The company is on the cutting edge of technology in the water treatment industry and is committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective solutions for their water-related needs.


Generally, water in the United States is very healthy. Depending on where you live, there are different types of bacteria, lead, and minerals that appear in your drinking water. Of course, there are exceptions such as the crisis in Flint, Michigan, or where pollution is most substantial like in big cities. If you are in a rural location, you may need more water intervention, especially if you are on a well.

If you have concerns about environmental impacts on your water, there are additional solutions beyond filters for your faucets.

One of the most frequent water treatment concerns is about hard water. Hard water contains dissolved minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium, which can cause cosmetic damage to your kitchens, bathrooms, and even laundry in the washing machine. Hard water minerals adhere to the inner walls of plumbing and overtime restrict the flow of water with the buildup of scale. It prevents soaps and detergents from being effective, leaving you with unclean laundry. You can also tell if your water is hard during a shower; does your skin and hair feel too dry?

The most common way to treat hard water is with a water softener. Water softeners can be purchased and installed by the homeowner, but if you don’t have much experience with home projects, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. The cost of the installation varies depending on the company and the machine needed. The professionals at Blue Line Water can walk you through the most common options of water softeners and provide you with excellent customer service.

If you have any concerns about your water quality, contact Blue Line Water for testing options or your local health department for assistance.

Blue Line Water also services industrial and real estate needs.

If you are a real estate agent or looking to sell your home privately, you need a water report for potential buyers. You may also need a water well log search, hygiene assessment, pump evaluation, or pressure tank check.

Pure water is a fundamental element used in clean room manufacturing, beverage, glass and food processing, hospitals, and municipalities. Blue Line Water services these needs with ozone systems, storage tanks, system design and maintenance, pumps and pumping systems.

Blue Line Water is here to support all your water needs and concerns. Whether you have questions about the public or your personal quality of water, their mission is to serve the water treatment industry with the highest quality customer service and products.

If you need emergency pump service contact 253-841-2101.

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Top 5 luxury kitchen upgrades


Kitchens add the most value to any home. The most common and affordable ways to increase this value are new cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, and floors. But there is another way to take it up several notches – investing in luxurious, professional appliances and upgrades. A chef’s cooking range, a restaurant-quality ice machine – these are just a few of the options to make your kitchen swanky.

The professional contractors at Moore Renovations are committed to helping you improve your home by paying keen attention to details and how each decision will impact the overall look and feel of the finished project. For luxury upgrades and additions, contact Moore Renovations to help you get started on your creative project.



Hidden power outlets

Power outlets are crucial to keep a kitchen running. But if you’re looking to add a flair of luxury, you might want to consider covering these little guys up. There are many options to doing this such as relocating the outlets inside drawers, under cabinets or behind cool hidden panels built-in to your backsplash.

Double dishwasher drawers

If you’re like me, you probably have never heard of a double dishwasher. Is it like a double oven? Two dishwashers? What regular house needs two dishwashers stacked on top of each other; the majority of American families are not this big to warrant such extravagance. But a double dishwasher looks almost like a regular one but stacked like drawers. It offers the same capacity as a standard dishwasher but allows for smaller independent loads. Drawer dishwashers (like the increasingly popular drawer cabinets) are ergonomically friendly because they require less bending to unload. They also save space in smaller kitchens and because they can run smaller loads offer energy savings.

Built-in pebble ice machine

Yes, this is a splurge and a “nice-to-have” appliance, but boy does it give your kitchen an extra shot of Wow! Everyone has their favorite restaurant that offers the best ice; you know what I mean, “the good ice.” It’s the kind of ice your refrigerator’s crushed ice maker just can’t replicate. You can purchase the ice maker and have it built-in to your cabinets, keeping it off the counters and out of site, but conveniently located.

Professional gas range

Today, more Americans are looking to cook in their private homes like chefs and thus seeking out the highest quality, professional gas ranges.  Because of this demand, more brands have started selling luxury range tops helping it to be more affordable for even modest kitchens. You can find a five-star rated stainless steel gas cooktop at a home improvement store for $1,000 or the ultimate luxuriously beautiful range for $10,000. Do your research on what will look and feel the best in your kitchen and determine what kind of investment you’re willing to make.

Lived-in large islands

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the kitchen island is the blood vessels that keep it working. If you’re going to have the best cooking appliances, you probably need enough space to prep your meals and host large groups of people. Enter: large islands. Think of the kitchen island as the star of the kitchen – the most valuable asset. Kitchen islands are more than just a place to chop vegetables and serve a platter of cookies; they are the gathering spot for families and often replace a traditional dining room table. A custom, large kitchen island (or double islands) can meet all of your prepping, entertaining, homework doing, cookie-serving needs.

miguel flores vianna

(Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna)

Contact Moore Renovations to build your luxury kitchen.

What their clients say:

We just wanted to formally thank you for the outstanding job you did on the interior of our home. During your time here we never felt any sort of chaos while the work was being completed. We truly appreciate the fact that you were so conscientious about making sure everything was neat and tidy during and after you were done for the day. YOU’RE THE BEST and we would feel proud to refer to you anyone and everyone we know. – Mark & Kim

Moore Renovations not only performed outstanding workmanship on the remodeling of our master bathroom. Kim was delightful to work with, reliable & creative, and pleasant with a positive attitude. Roadblocks occurred once the drywall was removed, mandating changes in plans and Kim had easy answers for alternatives. I fully recommend Moore Renovations ~ Wayne, Kent WA

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Concrete is not just for roads; why more homeowners are bringing the durable material inside


We know that concrete is incredibly strong – after all, it can carry thousands of tons of cars daily. It is also a popular choice for inside commercial buildings that see a lot of foot traffic or warehouses that use heavy machinery. And in recent years, concrete has also seen a rise in popularity in residential homes for flooring and countertops.

Homeowners have often chosen concrete floors for basements, garages, and patios. But today we see an uptick in concrete floors in kitchens and bathrooms.


(Source: Fine Focus Photography)

If you want to learn more about concrete flooring options in your home, contact Concrete Impressions. Inc.

Homeowners love the strength and durability of a concrete floor, but they’ve also come to appreciate its beauty and trendy appeal. No, grey concrete is not the new bedroom hardwood; but homeowners are customizing the color with added dyes and etching techniques for their kitchens, bathrooms, and garages. Stop imaging your driveway in your house. Concrete can be manipulated into luxurious, shiny flooring. With the right techniques, finished concrete can look more like ceramic tile than the street.

Concrete is low maintenance. It’s easy to clean with a quick sweep and a mop. You’re not going to get a lot of scratches from pets either. And you don’t have to buy a special, pricy cleaner to keep them looking brand new. To keep your concrete flooring looking like new, the experts at Concrete Impressions recommend resealing every two to three years to keep the color from fading. Just like waxing a car, resealing your stamped concrete will make it look as vibrant as day one.

Might you be thinking, “concrete floors? That’s cold!” But not with radiant heat. You can add electrical cables or hot water tubes into the concrete to warm the floors and keep your feet warm.

Who isn’t concrete for? Concrete isn’t a good material if you have little ones or elderly folks in the home. It is a hard surface, and a slip and fall could be very painful. While you can add area rugs with padding, you won’t cover every surface which can be hazardous.

Ready to learn more about indoor concrete solutions? Contact Concrete Impressions, Inc. 

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How to keep your home cool this summer without high utility bills


Summer is here! Those scorching, sunny days are right around the corner, even here in the Pacific Northwest. Many homes in our region don’t have air conditioners or central air because we often don’t have hot days for too long. We gathered up the best expert tips for those homes without a/c to stay efficiently cool. For those houses with air conditioner units, see our advice below to save energy and keep your utility bills low.

Americool Heating & Air Conditioning is a leading provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fireplaces, and more. They stand out among the rest by using only the best equipment to make your indoor living space comfortable. If you are interested in installing a cooling unit in your home, Americool offers quality products and service.

Use natural air and reduce sunlight. Open the windows at night to allow the house to cool down naturally, then close the windows tight in the morning. Use blinds or blackout curtains to keep the heat from entering the home through windows.

Dress appropriately. We know that movie theaters and offices are usually very cold, especially in the summer, so we bring a light jacket or sweater to stay warm. In your home, do the opposite. Keep the air conditioner up, but dress down. Wearing t-shirts and shorts around the house will help you feel fresh and cool.

Grill outside or make stove-free meals. Not many people feel like during on the stove or oven when it’s 90 degrees outside. Alas, it is the perfect time to grill fresh vegetables or juicy burgers outside. You can also make sandwiches, salads, and charcuterie platters for heat-free meals.

Ceiling fans are our friends. Ceiling fans should run in a counterclockwise direction. The warmer it is in the house, the higher the speed should be. Ceiling fans are great sources of cool air without using a lot of energy. Remember to keep the dust cleared off to keep your air fresh.


If you have an air conditioning unit, follow these tips to save energy and costs:

Check the age. If your unit is more than 15 years old, you could be spending more per month than with a newer unit. With a new high-efficiency air conditioner, you could save as much as $600 per summer on a typical 4-ton unit while having your thermostat set a few degrees colder. Contact Americool Heating & Air Conditioning for help determining the right unit for your home.

Install a programmable thermostat. A “smart” thermostat is your wallet’s new best friend. After the initial easy installation (that any homeowner can do), the programmable thermostat will help lower your utility bill. They are proven to save 15 percent off your energy bill during the winter and 10 percent during the summer. During your work hours, the thermostat turns off the furnace and air conditioner when you are not home. The thermostat can be scheduled to automatically turn back on 30 minutes before you come home, so your house is at the perfect temperature when you arrive.

Be energy efficient on vacation. Don’t forget to set your thermostat several degrees warmer while you’re away on vacation. If you aren’t leaving pets at home, you can set your thermostat to 85 degrees while you’re away. You don’t want to turn it off entirely because it could cause your refrigerator to work too hard and break down.

Change filters regularly. Most air filters should be changed every 2-3 months, but in the summer when outdoor allergens sneak indoors and pets shed more, you may find you need to do it more often. Here’s your reminder to go check your filters; set an alert in your phone at the beginning of every month to check them for purity and dust off the outside.

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3 home remodel traps to avoid


  1. Not hiring a contractor

Some people are just more talented with their hands than others at home projects. This works great for simple painting jobs, installing new curtains, or replacing hardware. But unless you have years of experience and are licensed in home construction and electrical work, tackling these jobs can cost you a lot more money down the road than the initial “save on labor costs.” Mistakes are bound to happen due to inexperience, whether you catch it now or later down the road. A good contractor is worth the investment. Do your research and make sure they are licensed and bonded.

Assisted Custom Construction works with the homeowner to decide how much they want to contribute to the construction process. If you are handy and want to be involved with your home project, you’ll work with the professionals at Assisted Custom Construction to take an active role in working on home projects. They provide construction consulting and assist with as much building help as you want or need.


  1. Making too many changes

It’s a bad time to change your mind once the paint is purchased and half the interior is a new hue. This change will cost you time and money. Slow down, take your time, do your research, consult with experts and contractors to make sure you are choosing the best material, color, and texture in paint, flooring, and windows.

  1. Falling into a trend trap

There is a new trend every season and each one seems more exciting than the one before. But when you’re choosing a new countertop, designing outdoor space, or starting from the ground up with a new home, think about the longevity and practicality of the current trends. There are many styles and colors that are timeless, classic and will make your home appealing to buyers later if you choose to sell. Do your research and look for styles that stand the test of time.

Anytime you decide to make home improvement projects, do your research to help minimize the risk of losing time and money or being on the receiving end of poor craftsmanship. For your next home improvement job, contact Assisted Custom Construction to work with you through all phases of your project.

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Why you should consider installing a water pump from Mountain View Pumps


We turn on our taps without thinking twice. We use water to cook, drink, wash, and bathe. Unfortunately, sometimes water systems can break down or PH levels can go out of balance. If this happens, it’s good to know a water and filtration specialist like Mountain View Pumps.

Mountain View Pumps started as a pump only business in 1994. Since then, it has grown to include pumps, filtrations, and other water accessories with many happy, repeat customers. Read on to see if you need a water filtration specialist to enhance your home’s water.

Your water tastes bad.

If your water tastes bad you could have a PH balance problem. There are many elements that could affect the PH levels in your water. If the PH level in your water is high it alkaline. If it is low, it’s acidic. Acidic water can eat away at copper pipes over time. If you notice any of these signs, call a water filtration specialist to measure the PH balance of your water. They will suggest a purification system, water conditioner, or other filtration solution to balance the PH levels.


Your water is discolored.

Organic substances like Tannin (a naturally occurring substance from bark and plants) can turn water yellow. If your water is red, brown, orange or black, you may have too much Iron or Manganese in your water (presented as a low PH). In cases of too much Iron or Manganese, stains can be removed with an ion exchange softener. If other elements are present, like hardness, an oxidizing iron filter with aeration is used instead. In some cases, contractors may use chlorination followed by filtration to remove the staining and balance the water levels.

Your tubs, sinks, and laundry are stained.

Water stains on your sinks, tubs, and laundry is a sign of too much metal in your water. Iron and Manganese are minerals that cause staining. These minerals occur naturally in the earth’s crust. They make their way into the water supply by the weathering process which is why they show up particularly in well water. An easy fix to re-adjust water mineral balance is the use of water softeners and filters.

Scale in pipes and water heater.

The buildup in your pipes and water heater along with soap curd on fixtures, tile, dishes, and laundry is a sign of alkaline PH levels. When the PH balance is too hard (meaning an excess of Calcium and Magnesium) scale forms on and around water pipes. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy problem to remedy. Scale buildup can be removed using at ion exchange softener.

Your home has a well.

If your home has a well, you should have a water analysis performed once a year. However, if your drinking water comes from a shallow well it should be tested more frequently (groundwater.org). For best results, water analysis tests should be performed at the tap and at the water source. A professional should also check the condition of the pump tank and filtration equipment for any signs of wear or damage.

Don’t let your water system break down. Schedule regular maintenance to maintain water PH balance, mineral levels, and ensure pumps are working at max efficiency. Contractors, like Mountain View Pumps, take pride in delivering the highest standards of quality that are economically sustainable. Enjoy fresh, pure water knowing that your pumps and filtration systems are up to date.

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