Restoring historic homes with Sweatman-Young

Sweatman-Young, based on Bonney Lake, has more than 28 years of experience building custom homes, remodeling and additions, building outdoor living spaces and historic restorations.

Restoring old and historic homes to their original beauty is one of the Sweatman-Young team’s specialties. They are dedicated to doing the research, documenting the work and using the correct materials and techniques to ensure the historic home is restored and preserved properly.

Historic homes are revered as masterpieces; each detail methodically planned, carved and completed in painstaking fashion.

When updating or renovating a historic home, it’s important to keep the original touches and charming elements that make it one-of-a-kind, while adding modern amenities and present-day regulations and codes.

Before & After Historic Home Renovation by Sweatman-Young

Homeowners who choose to live in historic homes appreciate the distinctive allure and details the offer. But the homeowner must also be committed to the challenges that come with this dream, period house.

If you found your perfect historic home but don’t have an unlimited budget to restore it, stay committed to quality materials and work, so start with the most important (and smaller) projects first. Old-fashioned wiring, water, roof and heat take top priorities. After that, choose what’s most important to you – restoring (or replacing with appropriate materials) floors, updating the kitchen or bathroom.

Before you buy an historic home, do your research and educate yourself on the history of the home. You’ll appreciate the quirks and details more, but you’ll be armed with knowledge against any potential damage or hazards.

Tip: Old wood windows are the best exterior features of a historic home. One of the worst mistakes you can make when restoring an old home is replacing the “beaten down” windows with new ones that don’t match the vintage aesthetic. Talk to your contractor about saving your old wood windows or frames but carefully replacing any rot, and making them energy efficient by adding interior air panels or weather stripping.

Sweatman-Young is dedicated to providing top-quality craftsmanship and attention to every detail of home construction and remodeling, and testimonials from happy clients all over Pierce County reflect their satisfaction with our work.

Absolutely the best! My mid-century home needed major remodeling – window, floors, insulation, electrical, solar panels … They were awesome, making the remodeling process as seamless as possible. They actually saved us money with their advice. Their subs were superb, well coordinated and supervised. ~ Michelle, Tacoma WA

If you are in the market for an historic home or you have a project you need professional help with, contact Sweatman-Young.

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3 easy home projects to before Labor Day


Each New Year holiday brings new resolutions and goals for the upcoming year, including home projects. Labor Day is another good time of year to remind homeowners of projects they should accomplish as we move from drier to wet weather. The holiday is the unofficial ending to summer but a good reminder that seasons are about to change. These projects are based on the idea that if routine maintenance is performed, then you will have less repair, damage, and expenses down the road.

Here are three easy projects you can do before the unofficial start to fall launches.

Clean and seal windows

Windows should be cleaned on the exterior at least once a year, once after the rainy season and once after the pollen-laden summer. Whether you hire a contractor to the job or take it on yourself, be sure to look for any cracks for places that may need caulking and resealing. As we head into the colder months, one of the best ways to keep heat costs down is to trap heat inside and not let it escape through the windows.

Seal the deck

Rain can do real damage to an unsealed deck. Many homeowners are choosing materials that are moisture and fade resistant because it saves time on repainting or repairs due to damage in the wet seasons. Quality materials offer higher durability and longevity, requiring less maintenance. Get a free quote from a certified deck contractor for an upgrade. Whatever material you have, you should make sure it’s cleaned of pollen and dust regularly, and before the water has time to do too much damage, get it properly sealed.

Inspect, clean and repair the fireplace

Ideally, your fireplace was adequately cleaned out after it’s last use in the colder months (or perhaps you use it on crisp summer nights), but either way, don’t overlook a proper inspection and cleaning for your fireplace and heater system. If your chimney hasn’t been cleaned in at least the past year, do it now! You should make sure your chimney is clean to remove soot, which inhibits airflow and causes poor air or carbon monoxide to build. Regardless of the type of fireplace you choose, good air circulation and ventilation are essential. A fireplace contractor can make sure you’re your fireplace is appropriately cleaned and ready for use.

Do you have other home projects in mind? Use our list of licensed general contractors, builders, and remodelers to help.

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Tracking your daily closet operations (and other tips) to create the perfect remodel with The Closet Guys


Whether your closet is the size of a small bedroom or a crammed reach-in space, there are many ways you can make it more efficient, organized and aesthetically pleasing with either a few tweaks or a total remodel.

One of the first things you can do to help maximize storage space is doing a deep purge. Create a pile of items you haven’t worn in a year and donate or sell them to a consignment shop (or host a yard sale). Once you have limited your inventory you can better assess what your needs are and what you can do with the existing space you have. You might decide you need to create more space by knocking out walls.

The Closet Guys located in Spokane, WA, can helps customers in Washington and Idaho transform their closet into an exciting and efficient remodel.  With limited space and budget, you want to maximize every space and not waste an inch.

home-design home-design (1)


When you’re ready to get started on your closet renovation, start with some research and brainstorming. You are more likely to be pleased with your final product if you know what you are solutions you need. Here are tips to help you understand your closet wants and needs:

  1. Have a budget ready

You should have a general idea of what you’re willing to spend and a definite max of where your budget can stretch. The professionals at The Closet Guys are committed to staying on budget and on time; always make sure you are tracking every expense for new items and cost of labor. Your ballpark budget will come in handy when it’s time to meet for a consultation to narrow down your price point.

  1. Create a vision board

A vision board using cut up scraps from a magazine or on Pinterest is a great way to pull together your thoughts and narrow down your style. Find photos that appeal to you or inspire you and show them to your consultant. You might find that you favor bright, white closets with extra drawers or maybe you’re drawn to rich, elegant browns.

  1. Keep a closet diary for one week

Tracking diets in food journal is a popular way to see what we’re eating and adjustments we need to make to be healthier. Doing the same thing but with our closet usage will help us understand what our true needs are. Keep note of:

  • how many times you go in your closet
  • how difficult it was to find a certain item of clothing
  • what you reach for most
  • do you have a hard time reaching up high?

Bring your journal to your consultation with your contractor to help them understand your needs and design the most efficient closet.

The Closet Guys has more than 20 years experience creating functional, flexible spaces for homes and offices while providing high quality professional craftsmanship. Their reputation for quality craftsmanship, customer service and affordable pricing has made them a leader in the local industry.

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Simple updates for luxurious landscaping

Luxury landscaping isn’t only for the rich and famous or dedicated green thumbs. Proud homeowners across the country are dedicated to making sure their outdoor spaces are just as comfortable and inviting as their entertainment spaces indoors.


Responsible Contractors provides a comprehensive list of licensed, insured and bonded contractors for all your home and landscape needs. We’ve put together a list of niche projects you can accomplish by hiring a professional contractor.

Custom quality deck design

Think of the perfect back deck as an outdoor living space. It’s your family’s favorite gathering place but with fresh air and outdoor amenities. A custom, quality deck can serve many purposes from grilling for two, to entertaining a group of friends. Don’t let poor materials damper your mood with rotting or moldy wood, so invest in materials suitable for the weather in your area. With a lot of rain, you need durable material to stand up to the elements overtime. Northwest Decks design and install high-quality decking from trusted manufacturers to build you a grand, custom deck or a sensible outdoor living area.

Make your landscape dreamy with spotlight lighting

For a dreamy, resort look consider adding simple lighting on greenery that deserves its own spotlight. Do you have a lush hydrangea bush you want to showcase, or even the bushes that line your driveway and walkway to your front door? Landscape lighting is a a popular option for homeowners who want to make sure they have curb appeal or an inviting, nightly entertainment space. In the Pacific Northwest, bluebird days are hard to find and that grey cover is the perfect atmosphere for glowing outdoor lighting. Evergreen Landscaping and Ponds are Master Gardeners with more than 32 years of combined experience in landscaping. They can help you achieve the luxury lighting look you want in your yard, garden or patio.

Add some awe with the perfect awning

Make the outdoor experience less complicated and uncomfortable with awnings that add shade, privacy and rain protection. Awnings serve functional purposes of protecting your home from the sun and wind, but also add beauty and comfort to your outdoor space. Awnings can be a colorful and eye-catching element to your backyard, or they can be customized to blend in seamlessly with your home’s exterior look. Awnings By Design offers the best products, materials and prices to give you unique and innovation exterior shading solutions.

Quick Tip: Retractable awnings can be damaged by wind and should be retracted when not in use and in inclement weather, and ideally a motorized retractable awning should have a manual override allowing it to be cranked so that you can retract it despite the loss of electricity that can accompany stormy conditions.

If you want to spruce up your landscaping and outdoor living areas, use a trusted contractor who will help you bring your vision to life while saving you time, money and unnecessary frustrations.

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Olympic Blinds brings the options to you with convenient mobile service


Olympic Blinds is a local, family-owned business offering a complete selection of window treatments that allows you to choose the best options for your home. Whether you’re a fan of shutters or shades or need traditional blinds or window shadings, they have what you want.

When selecting window treatments, the average consumer may not know about all the new, innovative options on the market. We first think of the obvious blinds or the fashionable plantation shutters. But there are also creative options you can use with the click of a remote or a simple, gentle tug. With so many options available, Olympic Blinds has you covered. They bring the store to you with their convenient mobile service saving you time, mileage, and getting lost in a big warehouse. The professionals at Olympic Blinds bring all the samples straight to you, so you see the materials, swatches, and styles right in your own home.

To get started, first think about which style meets your home and lifestyle needs.

Practical Window Shadings

Window shadings are an innovative alternative to conventional blinds while offering the same function and convenience. They are made from sheer fabrics that tilt for total privacy or when left open, allow for light to come through while still adding an extra layer to block the sun. The innovation in the shades lies in its luxury of motorized and cordless options. Imagine opening and closing your blinds with the convenience of a remote control. If you work at night and sleep during the day, or if you live on an illuminated street, window shades are a top choice for total blackout.


Plantation Shutters

Even the most stylish home needs window treatments for privacy and shade. Shutters enhance the architectural quality of windows and add superior value to your home. They are easy to maintain as most are made of wood and faux wood, and they are customized to fit all window shapes and sizes.



Tip: Consider cordless blinds if you have little ones in your home.

There are many options to choose from for blinds: faux wood, wood, vertical, mini, and commercial size. The wood and faux wood options are more affordable options to the stylish plantation shutters.

Olympic Blinds offers superior service for all your window treatment needs. By bringing the shop to your home or place of business, they offer the very best in customer service. Contact Olympic Blinds to start the simple process of upgrading or installing new window treatments.

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The Perfect Playhouse


A child’s backyard playhouse is more than a small structure with four walls and a roof. It’s a rocket ship, a classroom, a hospital, and a space full of endless dreams. Kids love to spend hours in their playhouse stretching their imagination as far as it can go. The perfect playhouse doesn’t need to be anything fancy; a door and window will do. Your child will turn it into whatever they want it to be for that day. No computers, no tablets, no Wi-Fi, the perfect playhouse is a classic childhood memory that never goes out of style.

But if you want to add some extra special touches to a traditional playhouse, Millworks Cedar Sheds can help you customize the perfect play structure for your little ones; a place they will never grow tired of (unlike last year’s latest must-have game).

Stairs are overrated, so climb on in and slide on down

Depending on your child’s capability, think beyond stairs when planning an entrance and retreat. A fun rock-climbing wall and slide start the adventure before they enter the playhouse.


Photo by Millworks Custom Sheds

Curb appeal isn’t only for adults

Every child has a favorite color or two, and they are eager to put it on everything. Coral and teal? That’s no match for their custom playhouse. Allow them to pick the colors of their dream home – something whimsical from fairy tales perhaps?

And see that adorable windowbox? See below…


Photo by Millworks Custom Sheds

A little gardener’s delight

Add potted plants out front, hanging plants on the structure, or a window box with flowers. Your child will love to use their creativity and personal touch to plant flowers and they’ll learn great responsibility. They’ll love planting simple herbs and plucking them for a meal they can make with you – how sweet!


Photo by Millworks Custom Sheds

Let the imagination run free with chalkboard wall

Now if you’re on a rocket ship you need a big wall to convert all those equations. If you’re in a classroom you need to teach your students by showing them a written, proper sentence. A chalkboard wall never runs out of batteries or asks for more tokens – a cheap packet of chalk will give a child of any age limitless engagement.

Millworks Custom Sheds can help you build a unique, personalized playhouse, garden shed, tree house, mini barn or tool shed. Whatever custom structure you need, they can help you build it. Their custom lumber is milled by a local operation and trees are taken from locally sustainable forest operations or from trees removed for safety reasons. They use recycled materials to create their structures whenever possible such as vintage windows or doors.

Contact Millworks Custom Sheds today, call 903-516-2885.

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Three dangerous situations from overgrown trees


Living in the Pacific Northwest means you’re no stranger to the beauty and danger of trees. Large, overgrown trees can cause significant damage during storms, decaying trees can be a fire hazard, and they can also be home to pests and critters we don’t want near our home. The removal, clearing and thinning of trees should only be done by professionals with the proper equipment and tools.

Ranger Tree Experts is licensed and fully insured with both liability and worker’s compensation. They offer safe, professional and reliable services for residential and commercial clients. They are passionate about trees and want to help you maintain the integrity and beauty of the greenery on your property.

If trees aren’t properly maintained, they can cause some serious issues. It may be hard to come to terms with removing a beautiful tree on your property but sometimes it can cause more damage than good. And these situations can make things more expensive over time if not handled before they get out of control. Consider these three events for when you know it’s time to say goodbye to a tree or it’s overgrown branches.


Inviting home for pests

Roof rats are unfortunately, a recent sighting in the Puget Sound from Seattle to Olympia. We encourage you to contact a certified pest control company if you suspect or see evidence of roof rats on your property. Baiting and trapping will be handled by the experts, but there are other things you can do to help prevent roof rats from entering your home or infiltrating your property. T

These rats prefer to stay in elevated places away from predators, which is where their name “roof rat” comes from. To help prevent them from finding safety on your property or roof, trim trees within eight to ten feet of your home and be sure to remove any fallen limbs.

Significant safety hazard

A toppled tree can cause serious damage to your home, vehicles, other structures or bodily harm. Trees are generally sturdy except up against powerful winds, but branches can cause significant damage and are more likely to break off during strong storms or heavy snowfall. Your trees can be assessed by Ranger Tree Experts to determine their susceptibility to high winds and trim them before they cause any damage. Thinning trees is not a DIY job like pruning a brush; call in the professionals for this one as it’s extremely dangerous.

Damage from beneath the ground

Trees have incredibly strong and long roots. As they grow closer to your home, they can damage utility lines, plumbing and your home’s foundation. But it can be difficult to ascertain what’s going on beneath the ground until it starts to become a problem. The best thing to do is try to eliminate this problem from occurring in the first place by planting trees at least 15 feet away from a structure. Different species of trees that grow larger than others will need a little extra room. If a tree is hanging over the house or has branches that can touch the roof, it’s likely that this tree is too close to your home and may need to be completely removed.

Ranger Tree Expert Customer Testimonials

I am still in awe of the precise work you did for us on Rocky Bay. You had less than a 20 ft border between the edge of the bank and the power line; but you managed to control the removal of one large dying tree, and one large swaying tree. Yes, you have gained a lot of experience, but you also apply “mind over matter” or mind over height and weight. I will refer others to your professional service. Thank you again, for safely removing these dangerous trees, and improving our property value. You have good partners, and good machines too. ~ L. Hart

Managing a golf course with over 4000 trees in a housing community with another 5000 trees can be a daunting task for anyone. Ranger Tree Expert has been my only choice since 1998 and will continue to be my selection. The quality and quantity of work at the price they deliver is unsurpassable. Just as important is the expertise that comes with the service. Micah Glastetter is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely concerned about the health of the trees. In my 20 years in this industry I have found no one better. Don’t hesitate when it comes to Ranger Tree Expert. ~ S. Young – Canterwood Golf Course Superintendent

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