Choose Olympic Blinds to be Your Design Guide for Window Treatments


Window treatments are an important element to your home that provides practical solutions for privacy and indoor temperature control. And yet they go beyond function and elevate your interior with style. Don’t just settle for old-fashioned vinyl blinds; today there are endless styles, textures, and materials to choose from that match your home’s style. Olympic Blinds has a full list of materials they offer. Below we’ve narrowed down four modern trends to help inspire you for your home treatment renovation.



Bring In the Outdoors

Organic materials such as bamboo, matchstick blinds, and natural woven shades bring an earthy style into your home. With these materials, you can create a cohesive indoor-outdoor style. Olympic Blinds offers Roman style woven wood shades that create a natural and unique look at an affordable price. They add a warm, rich dimension to any room whether they’re hanging flat or creating overlapping folds.

Layers Mean You Don’t Have to Compromise

Layering is a term often associated with cold weather fashion, but layering for window treatments delivers on the same concept.  Layering gives you multiple functions and design options. With layers, you mix and match textures and materials that allow you to have your woven wood shade complemented with elegant sheer paneling.  Olympic Blinds offers a wide variety of materials, textures, fine draperies, curtains and side panels.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Bit of Dazzle

Give your room a whole new view with bold and patterned curtains. If you have neutral shades of wall paint, you can add an eye-catching graphic pattern to let your personality shine. Whether you consider your style to be eccentric or mild, the endless options can create the right style and pattern for you. Keep it modern and don’t match the curtains to your furniture.

Let the Good Light Shine Using Sun and Solar Shades

Don’t let traditional blinds obstruct your gorgeous outdoor view. Stylish solar protection fabrics permit outside visibility while blocking the sun’s harmful rays, providing energy-efficient solutions by reducing solar heat. Olympic Blinds offers solar shades that allow you to enjoy the views out of your windows while reducing heat and providing solar and UV protection.


Photo of solar shades installed by Olympic Blinds.

Why Should You Choose Olympic Blinds?

If the quality and craftsmanship of their products aren’t enough, Olympic Blinds‘ low overhead and manufacturer-direct buying power help their prices beat home improvement stores while also offering excellent customer service on a person-to-person level. Cut the middle man out and choose Olympic Blinds to help you choose the best treatments for each unique window in your home.

Olympic Blinds was chosen to work on the Executive Mansion in Olympia. Former Gov. Christine Gregoire said their work was outstanding and turned the Sun Room into what she hoped. “The Roman shades provided warmth to the room and the added color makes it a much more comfortable space for breakfast meetings, lunches, and small dinners.”

Choosing window treatments and properly installing them can be difficult on your own. Work with the professionals at Olympic Blinds to help you achieve the best look for your home, and best of all, no waiting in line – they come to you. Contact Olympic Blinds for a free in-home estimate.

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Quick Tips to Mitigate Home Improvement Costs

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction material costs are up 10% in 2018 compared to the previous year. The rising costs of material and labor are due to the healthy economy and high demand for skilled labor. Whether you are remodeling a fixer-upper or updating a small space in your home, here are our best tips to help you spend wisely.


  1. Shop Around

Doing extensive research and cost comparisons are common practices, from buying a car to purchasing a wedding dress. Choosing materials for home renovations or improvements is no different. When choosing materials, shop around the different stores for the best price. Consider that around big holidays like the upcoming Labor Day, there are big sales on items like paint, appliances and other remodeling essentials.

  1. Hire Reputable Contractors and Collect Competing Bids

Hiring an experienced and reputable contractor will save you money in the long wrong. Use our list of verified, trusted and insured contractors to safeguard your project and feel comfortable in good hands. And as mentioned above, shop around different contractors and get competing bids for the best value.

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan!

If you are embarking on a big project, you will need to determine if it requires financial lending or a simple savings plan put in place ahead of time. With careful financial planning, you’ll be able to make knowledgeable, important decisions such as nonnegotiables or whats simply on your wish list if your budget and time allow.

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If You Want to Improve Your Life Immediately, Fix Up Your Closet with The Closet Guys, Inc.

The new school year is on the horizon, and although I don’t have a school-aged child and I’m far removed from those days myself, I still associate this time of year with new beginnings. I like to go through drawers, cabinets and closets to get rid of things taking up space and get more organized. After all, what good is a closet if it’s disheveled and cluttered?

Do you take a big exhale when you open your closet door? As your rummaging through options for the day’s outfit, do you have a pile of sweaters or jeans fall on your head? Do your accessories like belts, purses and scarves find a home on the floor or shoved up on a shelf? Be honest, did you answer yes to any of these questions? Then it’s time to consider a closet makeover. An storage overhaul doesn’t just give you more physical space but putting everything in its place (and creating a place for everything) will help you be more productive, clearheaded and prepared.

A survey on the “State of Stuff” by Make Space gave insight to how Americans feel about their closet space. Fifty-one percent of surveyors said they would happily gain 10 pounds for more closet space.  Seventy percent of people admit that that their bedroom closet is the most cluttered space at home. Bedroom closet doors are so easy to throw stuff in, close the door and walk away. But since we use our closets every single day, shouldn’t it feel luxurious and peaceful? Or at the very least, organized and clean?

“If you want to improve your life immediately, fix up your closet!” said designer Bobby Berk.

The Closet Guys can help you achieve your closet goals. They design functional, flexible spaces for home and office closets, garages or other storage spaces while providing high quality professional craftsmanship. The crew at The Closet Guys will design and install all custom shelving and storage products. They’ll work with your existing structure, budget and goals to optimize every space of your storage area to give you a custom solution for your needs.

For more than 24 years, The Closet Guys, Inc. have offered creative storage, shelving, and organization solutions for homeowners, businesses, and builders. For peace of mind with your investment, the company offers all customers a lifetime guarantees on every product The Closet Guys manufacture and install.

Ready to makeover or refresh your closet? Here’s some inspiration to get you started.




Carve out an accessories closet with a dual sided mirror. Simple storage and optimizes the space with a mirror built in to the wall. (Source)

d28952bce4ba8bd2c42e2cda5c9b4497 7e980ffb1a09b0eb702da9624851d6e1

For the guys, proper storage or ties can be done using built-in hooks or dedicated draw space.


Rich mahogany shelves with back-lights give a masculine look to this gorgeous custom closet. (Source)

These examples are so beautiful and I am eager to get started on my custom closet. If you are, too contact The Closet Guys today for a free estimate.

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Northwest Natural Lighting Will Help You Create a Relaxing and Refreshing Home

The two most important features in any relaxing and comfortable home are bright natural lighting and fresh air. If the Pacific Northwest climate keeps sun from getting through your windows, there’s a solution for that. And if you feel like you need fresher, cleaner air, Northwest Natural Lighting can help you with that, too.

First, consider a Whole House Fan. It circulates throughout the entire home in just minutes, quickly cooling during hot summer months and eliminating stale air during the winter. It improves air quality and removes odors, creating a healthier home environment, and is an extremely quiet fan avoiding any disruption. Northwest Natural Lighting offers a free in-home consultation, and can install the Whole House Fan in two hours with no structural modifications to your home.




Look around your home, chances are there is a room or space in your home that is a little more dark and dreary than you’d prefer. But sometimes the obvious solution of adding a window isn’t always an option for technical, financial or other personal reasons.

What if you could have daylight in an interior room, windowless basements or even closets? Yes, you can bring sunlight into spaces you never thought possible.  Northwest Natural Lighting can bring natural light and transform your dark space to bright with Solatube Daylighting System, an innovative tubular daylight device. A traditional skylight does not offer any optical enhancement devices to help increase performance. Solatube features several patented enhancement devices which work in concert to capture more light from all angles and reflect it down the tube for a higher light output during the early morning, late afternoon and in the winter months.


Northwest Natural Lighting can also help you open your home to the outdoors with high-quality retractable screen doors. Unlike traditional permanent screen doors, the Mirage Retractable Screens allow you to only have the screen when want. This means that when your main door is closed you can still enjoy a bright and unobstructed view without the hindrance of a screen. But when you want to let a fresh breeze flow through your home and keep bugs outside where they belong, the screen seamlessly pulls out from its compact housing.

3 (1)

Now, have you envisioned a brighter, healthier home? Ready to get started? Contact Northwest Natural Lighting today.

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Award-Winning Innovative Kitchen and Bath Gets Creative with Your Remodel

Does your kitchen feel drab? Do you want more functionality and eye-catching style in the heart of your home? Or do you want your bathroom to feel less sterile and more like a luxurious and relaxing everyday part of your home? With experienced designers and quality craftsmen and carpenters at Innovative Kitchen and Bath, you can seamlessly transform your dull spaces into something unique and innovative.

Innovative Kitchen and Bath is an an award-winning company dedicated to creating the best style and function for you. They combine their customer’s wants, needs and ideas with their own extensive experience to create a beautiful custom space. Each project has a dedicated full-time concierge to assist with material selection and finishes, ensuring even the smallest of details are not overlooked.

The Kirkland based company was named as one of The Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Seattle in 2018 by Home Builder Digest. The national home building resource featured this kitchen remodel saying, “In one of their unique kitchen designs, high-gloss acrylic upper cabinets are a perfect contrast to the alternative material base cabinets. The design also incorporates beautiful Quartz countertops, recessed lighting, and skylights. Arguably the most interesting element in this design is a horizontally oriented glass mosaic backsplash that adds a uniquely artistic element to this modern kitchen remodel.”


With endless options to choose from, you can transform an ordinary bathroom into a stunning new space. Fashion your own custom home spa with large custom walk-in showers and unique built-in vanities.

Designers at Innovative Kitchen and Bath created this bright and airy bathroom with a luxurious bath and polished wall tile for the ultimate relaxation space.


In addition to full kitchen and bathroom remodels, Innovative Kitchen and Bath also offers cabinet refacing on your existing cabinets. During the process, they modify the interior of the cabinets with pull out drawers (instead of leaving the existing shelves), increasing the functionality of a kitchen.

This stunning refacing project was completed in a Seattle condo.


Feeling inspired? Visit Innovative Kitchen and Bath’s beautiful showroom in Kirkland and meet with their designers to get started.

With Innovative Kitchen and Bath, create the look of your dreams with a new state-of-the-art kitchen and bathroom.

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Tips for First-time Home Sellers to List the Best House on the Block

First time homeowners are overwhelmed with new information from the day they start looking at homes to when they need to repair an issue or hire a contractor. And once the newbie homeowner is ready to put their home on the market there’s even more to learn. Just like as a buyer, a realtor will help the seller get the best deal. But here’s a brief list of some important things sellers need to do before planting that ‘For Sale’ sign.

Home Repairs


You want your house to be in great shape. Even if you’ve been living with some issues, now is the time to fix it up and make it appeal to buyers. Patch holes and cracks in walls, fix any broken appliances, leaky faucets and HVAC systems, replace worn carpet or professionally clean existing carpeting, repair broken window glass, and of course, examine your roof for any potential damage to avoid any expensive surprises during the home inspection.

Tip: Don’t increase the price of the house to cover a repair. An overpriced house sits on the market longer. Fix repairs and work with your realtor to price appropriately.

Buyers aren’t the only ones who can get in your way of selling your home. Your buyer’s lender will likely seek an structural inspection to verify that there are no problems with the house. If you’ve left repairs to be the next owner’s problem, reconsider your strategy as you might have issues with the final bank loan until repairs are made.

Curb Appeal


Recently a neighbor selling their home mowed their lawn at 6 a.m. on a Saturday. Of course this wasn’t to the delight of any of us within earshot, but she had a last minute showing scheduled at 8 a.m. and needed to get the lawn cleaned up before the prospective buyer arrived. A manicured lawn instantly appeals to every home buyer, and there are other simple projects you can do without a budget for a full exterior makeover to give an extra boost to your home’s curb appeal.

  • Pick up anything unsightly like kid’s toys or hanging up a lose hose to make it more accessible and attractive.
  • Hide an air conditioning unit or trash cans with a basic screen using lumber or premade panels.
  • Showcase windows with shutters to give a finished feel to any home or add window boxes with flowers.
  • Add hardware to your garage like decorative handles, and of course make sure it’s properly hung up and working properly.

Professional Staging and Photos



A study conducted by the Real Estate Staging Association found that on average staged homes were on the market for just 41 days compared to 184 days for homes that were not staged.

Store personal decorations, arrange furniture, and display art to brighten the space to give prospective buyers an easier time visualizing themselves in the home. If you want to give your home an extra edge in a competitive market, hire a professional designer to stage and photograph your home for an eye-catching online listing to help it stand out among the rest.


Overwhelmed with repairs and home improvement jobs? View our list of verified contractors to help you get your project done on time and on budget.


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Millworks Cedar Sheds Delivers on Function, Beauty and Innovative, Eco-friendly Garden Roofs

Gardening isn’t just for the ground, take your garden to new heights with garden roofs customized to your Millworks Cedar Sheds‘ structure.

A green roof, also known as a living roof, is a surface that has been intentionally covered with layers of vegetation.  There are traces of humans growing plants on roofs dating back to 600 B.C. but even in modern times it’s not as common to see green roofs in suburban residential communities. Millworks Cedar Sheds believes in creating environmentally sustainable and friendly products, and they want to encourage more “shed-owners” to consider adding vegetation to their roofs.

Green roofs help absorb and infiltrate storm water, provide cooling from excess heat, offer habitats to a diversity of species and improve air and water quality. According to the National Research Council of Canada, “If widely adopted, rooftop gardens could reduce the urban heat island, which would decrease smog episodes, problems associated with heat stress and further lower energy consumption.”


Millworks Cedar Sheds will work with you to customize your own unique backyard structure. Together you can choose your desired vegetation and what will work best for your environment and unique preferences.

How a Living Roof is Assembled 


  • Living Layer (vegetation)
  • Growing medium
  • Drainage, aeration, water storage, root barrier
  • Insulation
  • Membrane protection and root barrier
  • Roofing membrane
  • Structural support

To create a functional eco-friendly roof it’s best to stick to specific species of plants that are native to the area. You’ll also want low-maintenance vegetation so there’s no need to go on top of your roof and do any weeding or fertilizing. Sedums, or succulents, are a popular choice because they require little maintenance and survive year-round. Wildflowers can survive easily in limestone and chalk environments and offer you diverse options of colors.


Sedums are unique and vibrant, giving you unlimited design opportunities for your green roof.

Each structure designed and installed by Millworks Cedar Sheds is an original work of art. Their custom lumber is milled locally, and they use quality, recycled materials whenever possible (such as old windows or doors.)

A customized and appealing backyard shed is often built with a sloped roof, just like a regular home and not a high-rise building. Don’t be fooled by the shape, sloped roofs can provide feasible and year-round gardens.

she-shed-1 (1) she-shed-4

Tap into existing and overlooked resources for gardening and vegetation, and consider utilizing existing space on your shed rooftop. Dan and the talented team at Millworks Cedar Sheds will help you go beyond your imagination with your own customized shed and live roof.

For more information and to get started, contact Millworks Cedar Sheds. 

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