Trust Johnson Logging for Land and Lot Clearing Projects

Johnson Logging is a whole tree service company that works with landowners through all phases of logging and land clearing. Their experienced woodsmen work with
companies and landowners to detail and plan the best approach to residential or
commercial logging. Their services include removing trees, bushes and boulders,
preparing land for new construction, enhancing animal habitat, timber harvesting
and more. Johnson Tree Service’s state-of-the-art equipment, extensive knowledge, and experience ensure they can handle any lot size for tree removal, commercial thinning, or land clearing.


Clearing land of trees and stumps is a big project for any landowner regardless of size. But small acreage logging jobs bring its own unique set of challenges. Most timber companies won’t take on a small acreage job because it can be challenging to get big machinery onto lots without disturbing the rest of the area. Johnson Tree Services is committed to preserve trees and other environmental elements on building sites.

Avoid tree damage during construction: Landowners need to keep as many trees as possible for environmental reasons and property value. Research shows that mature trees, in particular, help increase property values. Additionally, mature trees help block solar radiation, reduce air pollution and acts as sound barriers to help reduce noise. Johnson Logging strives to be considerate of your trees, landscapes, and neighbor’s property and to show caution when placing trucks or equipment for the safe removal of trees, limbs, and debris

When you need a lot cleared, there is more than just one option to consider. Do you need clear-cutting where every tree, brush, and all vegetation is removed from a plot of land? Do you need a small number of trees removed to enhance your property’s view or clear a small plot for future site development? Johnson Tree Services will work with the landowner to determine the right amount of clearing that needs to be done and the process by which land will be cleared.


Johnson Logging is equipped to remove any type of tree including large and difficult to reach trees. Their land clearing services include:

  • Storm clean up
  • Debris removal
  • Tree and bush removal
  • Boulder clearing
  • Roots, stumps, rocks removal

Clear-cutting is the process removing every tree, stumps, brush, and vegetation to create a view for new property or to clear land for a future field.


Having the right equipment to log and clear a property is essential to a successful project. As tree service professionals, Johnson Logging has the equipment, tools and expertise to restore your trees and property.

Do you need a consultation on lot clearing? Are you looking to expand a lot of business or residential needs? Contact Johnson Logging for a free estimate at 360-623-9385.

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5 things your electrician wants you to know


When you think about home repairs and maintenance, the more obvious aspects probably come to mind first – broken panels, chipped paint, leaky faucets. Your local electrician would argue that electrical maintenance is just as important as regular home maintenance. Properly maintenance electrical system will save you money overtime and keep your home safe.


An experienced electrician, such as local company Fuller Electric, has a wealth of knowledge to share with homeowners about electrical safety and maintenance. Fuller Electric has shared their top five things they want every home or business owner to know:

1. Regularly test, inspect, and maintain your electrical equipment. November is a great time of year for electrical maintenance, by making it part of your holiday decorations, such as putting up Christmas lights. The deterioration of electrical equipment is an inevitable process, but failure is not. Regular maintenance can identify and solve minor problems that can result in complete malfunction if left unidentified.

2. Don’t ignore warning signs. If you hear a popping sound or see smoke coming from an outlet – call a professional immediately!

3. Know the difference between a fuse and breaker. Both devices, either breaker or fuse, are designed to trip (turn off) in the event of an electrical overload. The difference between a breaker and a fuse is that a breaker is mechanical and may be reset. A fuse can only be used one time and must be replaced.

4. Know when to call a professional. Today there are many great resources online to help you do-it-yourself, but some might be too challenging for a beginner. And DIY electrical work is never a good idea. An electrician can help keep your DIY project safe and give you a professional finish.

5. Understand GCFI. GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, and it is used to protect you from an electric shock. GFCI outlets are usually found in kitchens and bathrooms near water sources. The black button on the outlet is a test button and when pressed, should deactivate the outlet and any other outlet fed from it – indicating a properly functioning device.

If you need a professional electrician, contact Fuller Electric today. Their company is comprised of a team of dedicated network engineers, systems integrators and assemblers who can turn your electrical problems into solutions. Their business is built upon a tradition of efficient, effective and affordable service, and their services cover everything from new wiring to electrical maintenance and troubleshooting. To learn more about all of Fuller Electrics, services, visit their website.

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Protect your property from hazardous trees with Johnson Logging


Autumn brings to mind thoughts of pumpkin patches, caramel apples, and falling
leaves. Those beautiful and colorful leaves are a great reminder to take care of the
trees they fall from, so they will provide foliage for many years to come, and most importantly to keep your home and property safe from potentially dangerous trees.

Johnson Logging, a local logging company based in Chehalis, is a whole tree service company,
from all phases of logging and land clearing to determining if your tree is a hazard.
They’ve shared three tips to keep your property and trees safe and healthy this fall.

Hazardous Trees
Do you worry about a tree on your property? Sometimes it can be hard to determine
the health of a tree without an expert opinion. A few signs that your tree might have
a serious problem are: dead branches, patches of rotten wood, pockets or cavities in
the tree, major or unseasonable leaf loss, a leaning or tilting tree, and exposed roots.
If you see these signs, consult an expert about tree removal.

Tree Removal
Falling trees or large limbs have the potential to cause tremendous damage. The
best way to protect yourself and your property is to remove harmful trees before
they become a problem. An expert can help you determine if your tree can be saved,
but trees that are dead or dying, hazardous, or harming other trees will need to be

Tree Maintenance
Proper tree maintenance is important for several reasons. First, research shows that
the value of your property could increase up to 25%, depending on the landscape
planting. Mature trees are particularly valuable. Secondly, landscape trees can act as
windbreaks, sunscreens, and even sound barriers. Trees also have the added benefit
of reducing air pollution. Lastly, studies show that trees have beneficial
psychological effect on humans by decreasing stress, inspiring minds and breaking
emotional barriers.

Johnson Logging is a whole tree service company that can help you with all
phases of logging and land clearing. Their experienced woodsmen work with
companies and landowners to detail and plan the best approach to residential or
commercial logging. Their services include removing trees, bushes and boulders,
preparing land for new construction, enhancing animal habitat, timber harvesting
and more. Contact Johnson Logging if you have concerns about tree removal or maintenance on your property.

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Inspiration for a remodel with Arlie’s Home Restorations


We all have those things we wish we could change about our homes, but it’s hard to take the next step to actually start a remodel. Sometimes you might need a little jump start of inspiration to figure out where to begin.

First, consider what your needs are and the improvements you would like to make to your home. Some of these may include:

  • Creating more space through an addition
  • Changing the floor plan of your home to better fit your needs
  • Improving energy efficiency with new windows or doors
  • Increasing the resale value of your home
  • Updating the look of your home through new cabinets, countertops or fixtures


Now that you’ve got the scope of the project narrowed down, it’s time to gather inspiration for your new space. There are many places to get design ideas, and it can be easy to be overwhelmed by too much information. Try these ideas to create a vision for your renovation:

Phone a Friend

Did a family member of friend’s remodel spark the idea that your home could use a facelift too? Friends and family are a great way to get inspiration for your project. They can share about their experience and how they made their choices. You can see their finished project in person and determine what you would want our of your renovation.

Watch TV

There are many TV shows and even entire channels dedicated to home improvement and design. These shows can provide a huge amount of information and inspiration at different price points. When watching an episode, note what you liked or didn’t like, and record the name of the show and episode number. Often shows list an overview of the individual episode on their website, complete with product information and photographs of the new design.

Check Out Magazines

Magazines focused on home design are abundant and a great resource to get inspired from. Cut out projects you like and create a hard-copy mood/design board, so you can refer back to it when you start your own project.

Search the Web

There are many useful websites that were created specifically help you search and save ideas for projects. Check out or to search for links to products, floor plans, and before and after photos.

After gathering ideas, a renovation professional can give insight specific for your project based on their experience and expertise, such as the local company, Arlie’s Home Restorations Inc. Arlie’s Home Restorations is a family owned business with over 30 years of experience. They can help with projects ranging from small repair jobs to total restorations. Arlie’s Home Restorations also offers free estimates for your project. Call them today at 206-898-2711 to get started on your remodel.

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Sterling Automotive reminds you to beware and drive safe on Halloween


For one night each October, families flock to their cars to go trick or treating. Cruising through the neighborhoods and other haunts create amazing family memories, but the best way to have a fun Halloween is to stay safe, and keep pedestrians safe, as you drive.

Sterling Automotive Services, a family owned business in Edgewood, has a few tricks that will help you treat your family safe this Halloween:


Check your headlights

If you’ve been meaning to replace a broken headlight, now is the time to fix it. Headlights are crucial to letting you see both near and far objects in low light, so for everyone’s safety, make sure they work on Halloween night.

Keep an eye out for little monsters

Halloween calls for using a higher level of caution, especially after the sun goes down. Kids may not use crosswalks and can dart out into the street in front of you. Be sure to slow down well below the speed limit in neighborhoods, and scan the road at corners or crosswalks. Give yourself extra time to get from stop to stop, and don’t feel rushed!

Don’t drive distracted

It’s easy to be distracted by excited kids on Halloween – especially after they start getting into the candy. You can listen to Monster Mash, but make sure to turn the radio down. Also, stay off your phone while driving – posting pictures of adorable costumes can wait.

Use your seat belt (and make sure the kids do, too)

On Halloween, it can be tempting to let your kids ride unbuckled from stop-to-stop, but it is important to make sure your kids are buckled up every time you start your vehicle. Wearing a seat belt reduces the rate of serious injuries and deaths in car crashes by 50%, according to the CDC. Your seat belt is the most effective way to protect yourself in a crash.

The best way to make sure your kids buckle up is to be a good example and buckle up yourself. So make sure everyone, including ghosts and goblins, are buckled before you leave.

Backup beware

It’s always a good idea to check your mirrors and back-up camera before you reverse. On Halloween, take extra caution to check behind your car; children might not know you are about to back up and cross behind you.

Preventative maintenance can keep you from being spooked

You’ll be making a lot of stops on Halloween night, so make sure your brakes are in top shape. Bring your vehicle to the professionals for preventative maintenance, including a brake pad check.

Sterling Automotive Service combines skill with integrity, resulting in high caliber auto service and repair using the latest in diagnostic technology. They also provide preventative maintenance services which can help save you money by preventing costly problems from developing. Schedule a preventative maintenance check soon to ensure your car is running safely this Halloween.

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6 things your plumber wants you to know


From drinking, cooking, showering, and all the way to waste disposal, plumbing that works is crucial to keeping your household going. It’s important to know something about every piece of hardware your water runs through — and what could go wrong if it isn’t properly taken care of. After over two decades and thousands of jobs, Pac West Plumbing has learned a thing or two about keeping your plumbing in tip-top shape. Here are a few things your local plumber wants you to know about your home.


Stay Cool

The most surprising thing you may not know is that it is best to use COLD, not hot water when you run your disposal. Let the cold water continue to run as long as you run the disposal, and be sure not to overload it. If your garbage disposal starts to stink, put ice cubes halfway in the disposal, turn it on, then flush out with cold water. You can also grind a wedge of lemon afterwards for a fresh scent.

Oil Slick

Maintaining your kitchen drains can save you a lot of plumbing headaches in the future. The best way to maintain your drains is to watch what you pour down them! Never pour liquid grease or oil into your drains. Clean your drains weekly with this simple cleaning solution: pour ½ cup of salt, ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of vinegar down the drain. Next pour two quarts of boiling water. When your drain is clogged, avoid using caustic cleaners, instead, try a plunger first.

Meter Measure

Your water meter can tell you a lot about what is going on in your home. If no water is running in the house, all dials on the meter should be stable. A movement in one of the dials may indicate a water leak, most likely in a toilet. This could cost you dearly over time.

Flow Easy

A homeowner’s worst nightmare is an overflowing toilet. If you think your toilet is about to overflow, quickly remove the tank lid, reach down and push the flush valve closed. It covers the tennis ball-sized opening in the bottom of the tank. This keeps the bowl from overflowing while you clear the obstruction.

Under Pressure

Everyone hates weak water pressure in your shower. Fix it by removing mineral buildup. To restore proper flow, clean outlet holes with a pin or unscrew a perforated face plate and soak it overnight in vinegar, then scrub it clean.

Freeze Warning

When the weather is freezing outside, prep your house to prevent your pipes from turning to ice! First, remove, drain and store your outdoor hoses. Then close any valves that supply water to outdoor hose bibs. Next, open the outside hose bibs and allow the water to drain. Don’t forget to cover your water pipes with insulation if they are exposed to the outdoors.

For more tips or expert plumbing service, contact Pac West Plumbing. Their experience includes performing emergency repairs, conducting routine maintenance, and repairing or replacing equipment. Visit their website for more information.


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Stay warm indoors: Five tips to get the most out of your heater

Valley Furnace makes your comfort their priority.

What is there not to love about Fall? After a warm, exciting summer, it’s always good to settle in and enjoy the cooler weather and watch as the leaves change color. But it’s also good to look ahead while the temperature is just right and inspect your heating and cooling systems. After a summer-long break from the frost and snow, your house might need some work to get completely ready for winter weather again. Valley Furnace of Puyallup, WA has a few tips to get your home in shape for the coming winter months.

Woman relaxing in chair

1. Check your air filter.

An air filter should be changed about every 2-3 months. If this is your first winter in a new house, check to make sure the filter has been replaced recently. A plugged air filter can cause your furnace to overheat and shut down.

2. Test your thermostat.

When you turn on your furnace and raise the temperature on your thermostat, your heat should turn on. If it doesn’t, be sure to check the batteries in the thermostat, or call a professional for help.

3. Get a carbon monoxide detector. 

Any furnace that has a flame such as oil, natural gas, propane, along with wood or gas burning fireplaces, produce carbon monoxide. For your safety, make sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home.

4. Check for poor insulation. 

When your furnace switches between heat cycles, your house might feel uncomfortably cold due to poor insulation. Check around windows and doors for cold air flowing inside. You may also want to consider using a two-stage variable speed furnace, which can greatly reduce heat swings during the winter months.

5. Clear the area around your heat pump. 

Many homeowners forget to check outside when they have issues with heating. Your heat pump should always have a clear area around it to keep it working properly. A fence around a heat pump should not be closer than three feet, and a bush around a heat pump should not be closer than one foot.

Bonus Tip: Get yearly maintenance.

Yearly maintenance for your furnace will help you prevent costly and unexpected future repairs. A professional can determine if your furnace is working properly and also identify other issues that may cost you money such as low refrigerant charge, plugged coils, and dirty air filters.

For more information about heating and cooling systems, contact Valley Furnace, Inc. A family-owned and operated company for over 40 years, Valley Furnace provides customers with unparalleled service and customer care. They are one of the largest and most respected heating contractor companies in the greater Pierce County area. Their repair specialists are certified technicians and factory trained to help you with preventative maintenance, repairs, replacement systems, and installation. Call them to schedule an appointment today at 253-848-3517.

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